Mi Router 4A-Gigabit Edition First Impressions: To set your Wi-Fi right!

Mi Router 4A

Xiaomi India has introduced a slew of products through its Mi Smarter Living 2022 event on Thursday. While it had notebooks, fitness trackers, running shoes, Smart TVs, it also featured the next iteration of the Wi-Fi system: the Mi Router 4A-Gigabit Edition. As the name implies, the router now comes with Gigabit speeds support, which is a good implementation, to be honest. We have received the new router for testing purposes, and we have been using it for a little over a week now. So, here we are with our first impressions of using it all this while.

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Mi Router 4AMi Router 4A

Right off the bat, the Mi Router 4A sports an all-white design reminiscent of its predecessors. But this time it’s more compact and lightweight. The router features four high-gain antennas, aligned with three-gigabit ports, wherein one acts as the primary ethernet input port, and there’s a reset button at one corner. On the top, you are greeted with two LED indicators: one for power supply, and the other for internet connectivity. At the bottom, there are vents provided by the chassis–made of aluminium-magnesium alloy to facilitate airflow and to prevent the router from getting heated.

Mi Router 4A

The Mi Router 4A setup has been quite swift, which I liked. You need a smartphone running iOS or Android and you would require to install the Mi WI-FI app, which can be done easily with provided QR code on the router’s retail packaging. After connecting the router to the power supply and assuming you’ve attached the fibre cable of your respective broadband; you need to head over to the Wi-Fi settings and connect to the Mi Router 4A, which provides dual-band support. Following that, you would get a login page, wherein you would need to enter your broadband’s credentials and you’re good to go.

Mi Router 4A – Mi WiFi app

Mi WiFi

The Mi WiFi app further provides additional preferences for your router and advanced privacy and security options too. While setting up the router is pretty basic, the impressive part of it comes through the app. You can monitor the number of devices you’ve connected to, optimise the Wi-Fi connection, improve signal strength, and can set up a firewall too. The firewall feature manages to alert you whenever someone attempts to break into your network. The feature additionally provides security options and allows you to block certain devices whenever required. There’s flexibility in it too, meaning you can set your preferences based on where you use this router, like in a public place, or at home. The other options within the app include your internet speed smart distribution across devices. Further, the app allows the connected devices to block visiting specific URLs, which can be handy if you’ve kids around who use devices or block internet access completely.

The other highlight features include the Wi-Fi timer option: for users who are willing to cut off from the internet world and to spend quality time with family, during the day/night. There’s a Guest Wi-Fi option, which is self-explanatory; and the app also allows consumers to upgrade the router firmware via the updates feature. If you feel your router needs a reboot, you don’t need to disconnect the power supply, there’s a scheduled reboot option too, which again is convenient when the router is not accessible.

Mi Router 4A – Tech Specs

Despite all the fancy features, any router has to provide a decent range (meaning pass through numerous thick walls, which my older router couldn’t do) and should be consistent in providing speeds across devices (for both in 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz modes). And, the Mi Router 4A checks all these boxes for me. I haven’t had any complaints when it comes to connectivity, it has been stable, the reach however has been slightly better than my previous one, and I think the integrated signal amplifier inside worked for me. The overall experience of me using it has been so far so good.

Ok, if you’re looking for more technical details of the Mi Router 4A here are the snippets of it:

  • It runs on MediaTek’s MT7621A SoC, which is a dual-core 800MHz processor
  • Features 16MB of ROM
  • Has a 128MB of DDR3 RAM
  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption, and WAP for security
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

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Using the Mi Router 4A-Gigabit edition router (though I don’t have the gigabit speeds broadband); for over a week has been extremely satisfying. Users have to bear in mind that earlier, I was used to a popular router with not so smart features. The setup on the Router 4A, including configuration, has been hassle-free and would be quite simple for starters as well. It has a decent amount of security features; that means it alerts you whenever a new device is connected and also alerts if any suspicious device has attempted to connect your network (including the number of attempts). It further covers a significant amount of range, than conventional ones. If all these features don’t make your Wi-Fi right then you would need to look out for more expensive equipment since this one does the job at an affordable price, which is Rs 2,199.


Vishnu works as a Content Writer for Mr. Phone. His primary interests revolve around covering smartphones and all other gadgets connected to the Internet.

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Vishnu works as a Content Writer for Mr. Phone. His primary interests revolve around covering smartphones and all other gadgets connected to the Internet.