Alleged pictures of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s surface, similar in design to the iPhone X

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s is the next phone of the Mi Mix flagship. For those of you who don’t know, this is what the Mi Mix 2 looks like. 

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2


And yes, you’re right. It is bezel-less. But what is so special about the upcoming phone of this flagship?

As is common in the tech industry, some pictures have surfaced on the internet (they’ve been leaked, you already know!) and they contain the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s ‘allegedly’. What is more special in these pictures is that if this is the Mi Mix 2s, it has a sheer resemblance to the revolutionary iPhone X in terms of upper cut out design.

You can clearly see the cutout on the top and it does make one wonder for a moment if this is the iPhone X itself! But hey, it is not.

Alleged shot of Mi Mix 2s

This cutout on the top does well for the device all in all because it moves the front camera to a better position. Click selfies without pain, yay!

Alleged Mi Mix 2s

Apart from the camera position, the cutout of the alleged Mi Mix 2s also reduces the bottom bezel. Though nothing is clear here (as we can’t see the bottom) you can very well imagine the impressive looks of such a phone.

Quite evidently, the horns around the cutout are wider than normal and they do give more space to the status bar, where you can see the icons in a clearer way than the iPhone X. 

But there is a challenge here as well! If you know of the Essential phone, don’t fret if you don’t – just click here and read. The bigger cutout of the Essential phone didn’t work fine on the Android devices since the developers need to support it in order to avoid turning the whole top screen into a dead area!

What do you think about these images? Do they really belong to the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s? Or are they a fake? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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