Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology with 5W output allows users to charge their devices remotely

Mi Air Charge

Xiaomi is introducing new charging technology called the Mi Air Charge. It claims to be revolutionising the current charging tech out there in the industry. The latest from Xiaomi allows users to charge their smartphones remotely/wirelessly, which is the first commercial product in the tech industry. This ultimately gets rids of charges and cables making it true wireless charging technology.

Let’s make it clear that current wireless charging and Mi Air Charge technology are two distinct sorts of charging technologies. The current ones, which we are habituated to, is a wireless charging tech that involves a coil on your smartphone. The smartphone with the coil lands on a wireless charging device/pad that usually is on a power source. This eliminates the need to connect a charging cable to your smartphone.

The newly introduced charging technology eliminates the need to place your device on any sort of charging device/pad. And, your smartphone will charge remotely through the Mi Air Charge technology equipped unit (Charging pile).

To give yourself an outline, imagine you are connected to a Wi-Fi and it’s giving back antenna signals that are charging your device, that’s how Mi Air Charge tech should work, according to Xiaomi.

How does Mi Air Charge technology work?

The Mi Air Charge technology essentially works on the concept of positioning and energy transmission, which involves Xiaomi’s in-house developed charge pile with interference and smartphone’s new beacon antennas. The process involves converting the millimetre wave signal into electric energy and eventually charging the phone wirelessly.

The charging pile equips up to five-phase interference antennas to detect the positioning of the smartphone, accurately. Further, there are 144 antennas in the charging pile that transmit millimetre-wide waves to the smartphone using beamforming. The antennas convert these millimetre wave signals to electric energy to charge the smartphone.

The process of this conversion involves two separate antenna systems embedded in the smartphone. There are two built-in antennas — beacon antenna and receiving array antenna, which is part of the in-house developed miniature antenna array, by Xiaomi. Beacon antenna works as a broadcaster to send the position information to charge pile placed in the room. The receiving antenna does the technical job of converting the signals to electric energy to charge the battery. It comprises up to 14 antennas, which convert the transmitted millimetre wave signals from charging pile to electric energy through the built-in rectifier circuit.

To put it plainly — these antennas will let users get rid of wires and cables and charge their device truly wirelessly. As of now, this Mi Air Charge technology only supports standard 5W output for an individual device (supports multiple devices as well, with 5W each). The transmission radius of the charging pile for smartphones is still unclear at this point.

True Wireless Charging Across Multiple Devices

Well, this appears to be a great start this year for Xiaomi. As the company is bringing the much anticipated futurist wireless charging technology for smartphones. Xiaomi says, this tech would not just limit to smartphones. But, can further expand to wearables like smartwatches, bracelets, to name a few.

Xiaomi is also hoping to convert all smart home devices and its AIoT products to hop on to this new wireless charging display platform, in the near future, which sounds too good to be true since this is just a start after all. We can expect this to be commercially available sometime later this year. Although, the company hasn’t revealed the precise date yet.

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