Meizu Pro 7, Should You Buy it ?

Meizu Pro 7

Meizu has announced the new Meizu Pro 7 line of phones back in July, and the Chinese manufacturer has gotten a lot of attention about the three devices in question. They were popularized by many famous Youtubers, but why?

Why Did it Get Our Attention?

The reason is certainly not the front of the devices, as it does not have the latest and greatest of small bezels. In, fact, the screen-to-body ratio of the Pro 7 Plus is over 73%, which is quite a lot less than the most popular flagships, such as the Galaxy S8+ and LG G6, which have 83% and 78% respectively.

Meizu Pro 7 Lineup

So what is it exactly that got the eyes of everyone? The answer is very apparent once you look at the back of the device, where you will find another display. The unique design feature is located at the upper left part of the phone’s metal body, and above it is where you will find the Dual-lens camera setup.

In my opinion, it looks a little bit out of place, especially with the more vibrant colors of the phone. I still have not been able to get a hands-on with this phone as of now, but I suspect that it will feel out of place when holding the phone. I would personally love to see that same idea blending in smoothly with a glass back, and with the cameras in a different location. That would highly improve the visual appeal and overall aesthetic of the devices.

What is Under The Hood?


The phones are highly specced, boasting an Helio x30 SoC on the Meizu Pro 7 and Meizu Pro 7 Plus, that compares very well with last year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, but not so much with today’s latest 835. The Meizu Pro 7 Standard edition has the older Helio X25, which is a more midrange chip.

Helio X25

Helio X30

The rest of the differences are confusing, so laying them down as a list is much easier, so here you go:

Meizu Pro7 Standard Edition
  • 5.2” FullHD Super AMOLED Display

  • 12MP/16MP Front and Rear Cameras

  • 4GB of RAM

  • 3000mAh Battery

Meizu Pro 7
  • 5.2” FullHD Super AMOLED Display

  • 12MP/16MP Front and Rear Cameras

  •  4GB of RAM

  • 3000mAh Battery

Meizu Pro 7 plus
  • 5.7” 1440p Super AMOLED Display

  • 12MP/16MP Front and Rear Cameras

  • 6GB of RAM 

  • 3500mAh Battery

Cameras and Audio

The phones have a 12MP dual camera setup at the back, which retains beautiful, detailed photos, and the detail persists even when you zoom in. The portrait mode works really well, but as we see with many other smartphones, it can have a hard time with slightly complex objects. One thing that is not so great, however, is the post focusing mode, using which you can refocus the image after you take it. While it might sound useful, it really doesn’t work very well. The borders are not very neat, and the image overall looks very fake. 4K video recording is stable and is no short of amazing, and compares very well with the more expensive flagships

Confusingly, the phone’s front camera is very good. The 16MP sensor captures good detail, and the colors are pretty good. The reason this is confusing is that they tried very hard to convince you to take selfies with that rear camera, and I believe that they would have easily gotten away with placing a 5MP sensor with mediocre image quality, to really shift the selfie focus to that rear camera setup.

The fact that the phone has a headphone jack is great, and having that, with a very advanced audio chip simply embarrasses all the latest flagships in the audio department. The speaker, while in a rather easy to cover position sounds great, and makes up for the bottom firing placement. Battery size is good for all three phones, however, the battery life is no more than average, possibly due to that secondary display.

The Eye Catcher, the Secondary Display

Boring specs aside, the phones shine for having the secondary 1.9-inch 240×536 capacitive touchscreen displays on the back. They function a lot like the Always-On-Display feature on Samsung and LG phones, showing the time, weather and notifications. However, the real treat in those displays, and what truly sets them apart from other phones is the ability to take selfies with the rear camera and have the image viewfinder be the secondary display. This ensures better quality than the front camera, and with the secondary display, you will never take a bad selfie!

Silver Meizu Pro 7 Secondary Display


The devices are offered in four different colors, Gold, Black, Silver, and my personal favorite, Red. For the prices of the phones, they offer great value, with unique features. Would you be willing to put this much money into a Chinese phone company without much reputation?Make sure to tell us in the comments below, we would love to know your opinion!

Make sure to tell us in the comments below, we would love to know your opinion!

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