Voila, Mario Kart is coming to smartphones

Mario Kart

Mario Kart game has been a big hit for more than twenty-five years now, and this year Nintendo will make it available also to smartphones. The smartphone game will be named Mario Kart Tour, and here’s everything we know so far. 

As noticed by Business Insider, the fact that the game is intended for smartphones and also that it isn’t numbered is a good indication of a spin-off. Moreover, it wasn’t created for one of Nintendo’s devices, so that only confirms the spin. As we know, smartphones nowadays are powerful enough to support any type of games. However, the hardware is limited and so are controls. Thus games are tailor-made to fit phones and gestures replacing the usual intricate controls, that we usually find on Nintendo Switch.

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The core loop of “Mario Kart” is racing (accelerating, braking, drifting, and jumping) and fighting (using power-ups gathered during the race). It’s possible that Nintendo will require players to hold down a virtual button on-screen for gas/brake/etc., but it’s more likely that the game handles acceleration while players focus on steering, gathering power-ups, and taking down foes.

For the game’s launching date, Nintendo’s president Tatsumi Kimishima announced that the plan is to release Mario Kart Tour sometime during the next financial year, which is between April 2018 and March 2019. He added that Nintendo will announce further details at a later date.

Nintendo hasn’t released too much so far, so we can only presume that the game will be free, with paid elements inside, or it could have its Prime version with some extra goodies at a price.

It could also offer initial levels for free and then require paying a lump sum to access further levels. What we know for sure is that Mario Kart game on the Nintendo Switch costs $60, with the Switch costing $300, and it sold 7.3 million copies. If Nintendo makes money on “Mario Kart Tour” matters of course, but it matters much more than some of its players are convinced to go buy a Switch console.

Having said that, we gamers and Mario lovers are excited and looking forward to this epic game to be enjoyed comfortably on our smartphone, for sure it will be a hit on both the Apple and Google Play Stores.

Are you one of those gamers looking forward to this or you prefer appropriate consoles? Ever experienced Mario on a smartphone like Super Mario Run? Share your thoughts and views, comment below.


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