A man from Delhi deceived Amazon 116 times in order to get a refund


A Delhi man deceived Amazon not once, not twice, but a whopping 116 times. He ordered phones and duped the online giants into giving him a refund every time. During the span of May to April, Mr. Shivam Chopra made a staggering 52 lakhs. He ordered his phones from Amazon’s retailer site and complained that he received an empty box. 


Mr. Chopra has been living in Delhi for a long time and has a degree in Hotel management, in March of 217 he was out of a job and decided to give life a little spin. Every time he ordered a phone from Amazon, he complained that he was being delivered an empty box from the company. Due to this Amazon gave him a refund every single time.

Milind Dumbere, DCP (north-west), stated that the company paid because of its customer satisfaction policy and the returned the money in the form of a gift voucher. 

To many of you who are curious about what he did with these phones. He sold them to sites like OLX or either sold them at Gaffar market in Delhi.  He planned all this very well, made multiple accounts gave different numbers. He fooled the Amazon delivery agents as well. 

The company started to grow suspicious when the empty box complaint came from one particular area. They started having doubts on the fact that something else was going on. According to the police, the man who was responsible for selling him the SIM cards has also been arrested. He charged Rs. 150 per SIM card from him. 

As per the reports mentioned in the newspaper, Mr. Chopra made a tiny mistake. He chose the name Shubham. Which is very similar to his own name (Shivam). He didn’t create a new name every time, which was the basis of the suspicion created at the Amazon offices.  

A complaint has been registered against Mr. Shivam Chopra and the case has been diverted towards the cyber crime team. 

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