Lypertek Tevi review – phenomenally good sound, unbelievably low price 

Rating: 9.1/10


I have never done this before so pardon my language, but Lypertek Tevi is so f%^&#$g good that I’d buy two of them! 

Now, let’s find out why I am so excited. 

Lypertek Tevi – Design and fit

The first thing you notice when you open the transparent packaging is the Tevi comes in a plastic case with a grey fabric exterior. You know it is plastic when you look at the black frame.  There’s something about fabric coverings that lends a very premium look to the case. And yes, it looks very similar to the Sennheiser Momentum TWS 2’s case. Now, the case is not very tiny and it is definitely tall. Although, I don’t mind the slight bulk because there is a massive battery inside and I’ll come to that later.


Since the case is made of plastic, you can hear a creaking noise when you press it and that doesn’t inspire confidence about its build quality. This has to be my biggest gripe with it. Moving on, I really like the fact that you get a leatherette lanyard loop that will ensure you don’t lose it easily if it is wrapped around your fingers. The black plastic frame has four convenient LED indicator lights that indicates the battery level on the case. And, on the rear, you get a Type-C port for charging as well. 

The design of the case is such that opening the lid with one hand is impossible. By the way, the hinge also feels pretty plasticky. So, if you do end up buying these, take care of the case. Now, once you open the lid, you’ll find the earbuds and they are placed so part apart that my pudgy thumb can actually fit in the space. Well, that’s because – and I reiterate – there’s a massive battery in the case. Anyway, the earbuds sit tightly in the cavity scooped out for them with the help of very strong magnets. Try as hard as you want, they won’t fall out. I can guarantee you that. 

Now, the earbuds themselves have a very basic design that doesn’t do much to excite. You get a fairly large housing that juts out of your ears. The bore extends deeply inside and you can choose from an assortment of silicone tips or one pair of Flexifit Foam tips. For the first time, the foam ones didn’t work for me because they come in only one small size. I got a better seal with the silicone one. Now, since you don’t get a wing tip, the fit is entirely governed by the seal. 

For my ears, these were super duper secure and not once did they fall out nor did I have the fear of a loose fit either. Additionally, you get an IPX7 rating, making them perfect for workouts. In fact, Lypertek markets these as the “Best Sports Wireless Earphones within your budget.”

Lypertek Tevi – Specs, Controls, and battery life

The reason why the Lypertek Tevi is such a monster is because of all the specs that it packs inside it. You get a high-end Qualcomm Bluetooth 32-bit tri-core SoC with support for AAC and aptX TWS+ codec. This SoC ensures that your connection is stable and I didn’t face a drop once. The best part is both the left and the right earbuds can work as the Master connection, which means that you can use only one as the primary pod for calls. But, that’s not it. You also get a dedicated Kalimba DSP for processing the BT audio into sweet analogue music into your ears. 

As for the controls, you get physical buttons on the buds. Single pressing either one plays or pauses the music. Long pressing either one invokes the voice assistant. Double pressing the right one increases the volume and the left one decreases it. Triple pressing the right one moves to the next track and the left one goes to the previous one. To be honest, this is my biggest problem with Tevi. Pressing the button is not convenient as it pushes the bore into the ear even further and creates a noise when the silicon tip creaks. Not a fun experience. I hope the next edition comes with touch controls. Plus, you don’t get wear detection either, which is pretty useful and I think Tevi should add that too in the next iteration.

Now, coming to the battery life of these buds. This is where Lypertek just sucker punches the competition. Lypertek claims up to 10 hours on 50% battery with AAC codec. Well, it took me 9 hours and 3 mins to drain the battery from 100% to 0% and the earbuds were actually at 100% volume and aptX codec. And, remember how I kept mentioning the case has a big battery, well it holds 60 hours of charge inside it! You can easily use these for a week and forget you need to charge them. This kind of freedom is liberating when using a pair of TWS earphones. Plus, you also get 2 hours of music playback with 15 mins of fast charge from the case. Overall, the battery performance is second to none among TWS earbuds. 

Lypertek Tevi – Sound quality

Now, here’s why you are here – the sound quality. And, I must tell you that I am blown away by the sound signature of the Tevi. You get an airy and spacious representation filled with excellent dynamics and clarity. The soundstaging is so good that it gives room for every instrument to operate in its own space. The soundstaging in Jacob Collier’s Hideaway is particularly pristine, especially in the intro where all the instruments are introduced. The placement of each of these in your head is just exemplary. In The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, Radka Toneff’s lovely voice takes centre-stage and the piano keeps distinctly playing behind her voice.  

Obviously, the instrument separation is phenomenal in the penultimate section of Do I Wanna Know by The Arctic Monkeys where multiple instruments crowd the mix. To be honest, I have rarely heard a pair of truly wireless earbuds excel at soundstaging and instrument separation with such expertise. Heck, even the Sony WF-1000XM3 that I reviewed recently didn’t match up. It is that good.

Now, when it comes to the sound signature, the Tevi has a curve that is as close to neutral as you can get with the right amount of lifts in the mids. In Demi Lovato’s comeback song Anyone, which comes two years after her near fatal drug overdose in 2018, the energy of the vocals, coupled with the cry for help in her lyrics, is faithfully represented without any colouration and god I almost teared up at how good it sounded. When she goes high, it can easily turn into a scream on many other earbuds but the Tevi just kills it with the restrained yet powerful sound. Plus, there are many headphones and earphones I’ve tested on this song that tend to add sibilance but the Tevi has kept that in check.


Talking about the bass, if you are a bass head who wants your ears to rattle then the Lypertek Tevi is clearly not for you. What you get instead is a refined and tight low end performance that does its job fairly well. The continuous grinding bass in Limit Your Love by James Blunt has enough grunt in it to keep me satisfied. In Angels by Massive Attack there’s a droning sub-bass section that could’ve benefitted from a bit more weight if you ask me. That said, I like the quality of bass even if the quantity is lacking. 

Overall, what I distinctly noticed is the Lypertek Tevi has the grunt in it to reproduce even complex tracks with consummate ease. And, the drivers do take some time to open up. So, don’t expect excellent performance from day one. If you end up buying one, test out tracks such as Uh Uh by Thundercat, Arithmophobia by Animals as Leaders…you know what I shall add a playlist in the description below. 

Lypertek Tevi – Call quality and latency 

My first presumption was since the Tevi sounds so good, and doesn’t have a stem, the call quality would be bad. To my pleasant surprise, the Tevi is very good for calls as well. It uses Qualcomm’s cVc 8.0 noise cancelling tech and reduces the echo feedback as well. My voice sounded pretty clean to the person on the other end he sounded very good to me as well. Yes, it is not the best, but it does a very good job for Zoom calls and such. I have a call recording for you guys. 

I am sure a lot of you want to know is the audio-video latency well controlled? Worry not, I didn’t face any lag while watching videos. But the latency in gaming could’ve been slightly better. It is still perfectly usable if you are not playing competitive gaming. 

Should you buy the Lypertek Tevi?

Essentially, the Lypertek Tevi ticks all the most important boxes when you are looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds. Great sound. Check. Good call quality. Check. No audio-video lag. Check. Long-lasting battery. Check. All this for just Rs 6,999 on normal days and Rs 6,499 during discounts. To be honest, that’s some kind of backyard garage sale throwaway price for such a high quality sound. Lypertek could’ve easily priced it at Rs 15,000 and I’d still have recommended it. 

For anyone asking me what pair of TWS earbuds should I buy from 5 to 10k, I am going to force them to pick up the Tevi. The value proposition is unbeatable.  

However, if you are looking at specific reasons to avoid it – the physical controls are not fun to use and the case, which it looks good, doesn’t inspire confidence in the build quality. But come on now, you can live with these minor niggles for a good sound. 

Thank you Lypertek for making these. Please don’t change the SQ in the next iteration. Just throw in touch controls and a sturdier case, and we are good to go. 

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