Linia – the puzzle game is free on Play Store!


Games are a great way of entertaining oneself and today, we have come up with an awesome news for the gamer in you. Linia, the colorful puzzle game which usually costs INR 140/- is available for free on Play Store!

Hurry up and download it from the Play Store, now. 

Linia is an amazing game because it has 80 levels of colorful puzzles designed for you. The levels keep on increasing with each update and it gets more interesting with each addition.

Linia on Play Store

As a player, you just need to create a color sequence in the game through a line which connects colored shapes. Sounds like a child play? Well, it is not one! The shapes keep on teasing you by revolving, shifting, moving and hiding to prevent you from winning!

While it is a tough job to win, the puzzler in you can get some awakening by playing Linia and now that it is free, we’d advise you to go get it, ASAP!

Are you a Linia fan? Are you going to download it (I am)? Let us know in the comments section below!

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