Forget Huawei P20 Pro’s triple rear cameras, Light is working on a phone with 9 cameras!

While it is still a target not fully achieved, retiring the DSLR for good has always been the holy grail of flagship smartphone cameras. Even though some brands like Google still did it better with single cameras, that aspiration lead to the implementation of dual cameras. However, the race to put more cameras on a phone had probably started. This year, Huawei has come up with a triple camera phone that, no doubt, fetches you awesome snaps. However, a new company called Light is now working on a smartphone with nine cameras.

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The smartphone is still a work in progress but working prototypes were handed to the Washington Post that reported the development. Based on the shared images, we can see that the company has opted to put the cameras in a circular pattern at the back making a “C” shape and there is a primary sensor presumably at the centre. Light says that the resulting collective setup is capable of taking 64MP snaps with improved low-light performance and bokeh effects. The question is how good?


This will obviously not come cheap though as Light is the same company that outed a solo cam with 16 lenses worth $1950 not very far back in the past.

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For now, the product is not ready for prime time and Light said that a multi-lens array smartphone will be announced later this year.

We at Mr. Phone reviewed the Huawei P20 Pro and also did some comparisons of its camera with DSLRs. You can check that out here.


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