Is LG working on a ZTE Axon M-like foldable device?

LG might release a foldable phone like the ZTE Axon M

A couple of new rumours go that LG is working on a mobile hybrid design and the news has been circling the internet for some time now. LG had filed a patent with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). The patent was submitted last summer while WIPO published said documents only earlier this month on January 12.

Though it is still too early to confirm anything, we got a glimpse from the diagrams and noticed various interesting aspects.

The images reveal a phone that can unfold into a tablet format, and obviously vice-versa by closing back on itself. In other words, you will be owning a display that can be folded in half.

LG foldable phone blueprint


We can also notice an always-on display, and one-lens camera, while the dotted line is supposedly where the device will unfold into a tablet. It resembles the ZTE Axon M style but with a more seamless hinge so to say. Do you know about the ZTE Axon 9, the successor of TE Axon 7?

Foldable smartphones are interesting but I`m still sceptical as to whether these are truly innovative and capable of going mainstream. What do you have to say about this?

Foldable phone by LG

LG obviously wants to venture, test new waters, and get its consumers excited. However, it is still too early to speculate anything about this model but concrete ideas are in place, and for tech aficionados like the undersigned, this is both eye-catching and fascinating.

If we rest on these patent blueprints, we can notice that the smartphone would feature thick and unpleasant old school bezels. Having said that, there are still consumers who don`t mind wide bezels at all. The big circle near the bottom can only be the fingerprint scanner but it does seem too big.

A secondary concept image depicts the phone when it closes on itself. The back of the device will slide to reveal a transparent section which would act as a partial screen for notifications, time and other quick info.

                                      Foldable phone by LG

Lest we forget, this is still just a patent. So there`s no guarantee that LG will utilise this concept and design in its upcoming commercial products.

At this point, I`m even wondering if the prolonged wear and tear, opening/closing the device, would lead to any damages in the long run.

This new LG phone could be in direct competition with the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy X, which is said to be the first phone with a foldable display to hit the market.

Click here to know all about the Samsung Galaxy X.

I believe that these foldable phones are meant for consumers who are after big real-estate displays for productivity, gaming or for those who simply love to own and show-off a unique model to their friends.

Let`s see if LG manages to put this model in the tech-world anytime soon. Meanwhile, we at Mr. Phone will be on the look-out as always, so stay tuned to get all your tech news here!

Let us know what do you think, feel free to shoot your comments below, we would love to hear your feedback.


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