The LG V30 review – Is it a silent warrior?

The LG V30 review

Yes, silent indeed. The LG V30 has seemingly exceeded expectations in all the fragments. It’s become the mature seasoned General in the battlefield who has played fair through times, by experience and hard work. For an ideal person who doesn’t believe in the flashy glitter of the worlds, the LG V30 is a perfect smartphone. The phone that has a great camera, good design, good battery life, good display, great performance and much more. You name it and it’s there. But today the crowd cheers for that ultra superhero with superpowers to take over the lead and dethrone the seasoned military general. Read on to find more on what I mean.

Performance of the LG V30

The LG V30

With the same 4 GB of RAM, the V30 still shows some amazing power. The phone shows way better multitasking capability than the Samsung counterparts. In the many speed tests comparing the LG V30 with the Note 8, the former shows better memory handling and keeps more apps open and the app opening speed is optimized too. The screen size is slightly on a broader snd shorter side. This helps in keeping the old form factor that is comfortable for many. The snappy snapdragon 835, coupled with better memory management of the new LG UX gives a lag free android experience.

Audio of the LG V30

The LG V30

Let’s all agree to the fact that in the rat race of perfecting the smartphone to modern standards, priority has been given to everything except that of the Audio performance. The LG V30 takes care of it as it hosts a Hi-FI quad DAC that amplifies Audio levels and delivers crystal clear, high performance audio on high quality headsets. Even with wireless headsets, the audio balance, gain, equalizer quality for high bit rate audio is very apparent and good on the ear. The Samsung flagships on the other hand, provide too much gain which makes the audio too loud and painful at times for the listener. The quad DAC, does a very good job in improving the quality of the music and making sure you get a very pleasing audio experience. On the same note, the call audio quality is also very crisp and clear.

Camera of the LG V30

The LG V30

The LG V30 houses dual rear facing cameras. One is a standard lens with f1.6 aperture and 16 megapixels. The other one is a wide angle lens with f1.8 and 13 megapixels. On the book, this sounds pretty awesome. Lower the aperture, better is the low light performance. Well, it does stand true to the spec sheet. The wide angle lens takes some amazing shots and now we don’t have the fish eye lens, distorted effect too. Also, the manual controls on the LG V30 does make it stands out and brands it as the best camera software for manual shots, which takes it a notch closer to the feel of taking shots using a DLSR.

4K and Full HD video recording is seamless and smooth. It gives a much better performance as compared to its Samsung rivals. The camera software also provides an option to capture footage in log, which is basically a very fat color profile, that professional video editors can use to later on edit the color settings of the video. The camera software also allows you, for the first time, applying live filters to the video while being recorded. This phone satisfies the quest to be a true videographers phone as the manual controls and a video performance is unmatched. Although this won’t be a huge hit amongst vloggers, who would usually use the front facing camera a lot. The front facing camera is pretty much average, which is really sad, since the phone is targeted to media consumers and content creators.

Display of the LG V30

The LG V30

LG has now for the first time, tried using their proprietary display technology in smartphones. This is the first time that LG is trying out a different type of display than the tried and tested LCD panel. The company is now using its own OLED panels called as POLED. This does sound to be a positive move, answering to the competition, but then it feels, LG has rushed into things. The POLED panels are still at a very premature stage. It still doesn’t have the capability to create color saturation’s and vibrancy like the Super Amoled displays of Samsung. This is the only and the most disappointing thing about the phone. Rest everything else looks to be on point. At times, the color saturation fades away and some parts of the screen look botched whereas other parts look pale. This might be fixed by software but it does seem pretty much like a display problem.

Software of the LG V30

LG V30
So LG is delivering the LG UX 6.0 which is built upon Nougat 7.12. This is the latest release from Android. Though, this version of the UX is much more efficient than the earlier ones, it still doesn’t do justice to the hardware performance that the LG V30 provides. The UX 6.0 still has a tonne of bloatware that causes unnecessary overhead and might cause performance issues. The launcher itself is heavy and in due time might cause lags. Although, it still has some pretty good multi tasking features and memory management seems to be top notch. There is no second screen though, so to compensate for the second screen, they have provided a floating second screen bar, that helps somewhat. But for many, it might seem like a hindrance than an asset.

The LG V30 arrived in Canada at an UNBELIEVABLE price! Read it here.

The  LG V30 is a great phone, but due to poor marketing and its untimely launch, it does get swept in. The phone might not get the publicity like the Galaxy Note 8 but on a Daily use basis, the LG V30 fares better than the Note 8, provided you can get over the compromised screen quality and are not lazy to change the launcher to something productive. I’d probably buy the phone somewhere in mid 2018 after the price goes down a tad bit. Let me know what do you think of it.

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