LG V30 – LG’s OLED Display Expertise in The Palm of Your Hands

LG V30

The LG V30 was launched back in August, and it turned a lot of heads. It mainly turned the heads of power users, looking for great productivity and portability. Let’s take a deeper look into the phone, and see how it compares to other smartphones in this price range.

What’s Under the Hood of LG V30?


In terms of hardware, the LG V30 is no slouch. It packs the latest and greatest of chipsets, with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The performance is absolutely stellar, especially with LG’s skin, which might not be the lightest, but it is fairly efficient and practical. The phone simply weaves through the software and handles the game like a proper beast should. The available LG V30+ offers 2 more GB of RAM, along with double the storage for a better experience.


LG V30 Display

The big selling point here, over some competitors, and even LG’s own G6 is the display. While the size and resolution of the display are nothing special, the technology certainly is. It is not very different from what Samsung offers, the OLED display on the LG V30 is an absolute joy to look at. LG has had a lot of experience with OLED with their top of the game TVs. And now, seeing that same technology migrate to smartphones is a huge departure from the IPS panels used with the previous phones.

The 1440p display on the V30 is of very great quality and offers beautiful colors, and naturally for an OLED, great contrast ratios. That display is surrounded by very small top and bottom bezels, and little to no side bezels. That, along with the 18:9 aspect ratio means that the phone is very usable with one hand. That is probably the opposite of what the 5.99″ display might suggest.


LG V30 Camera

Another standout feature of the LG V30 is the camera hardware. On the back, the phone has a 16MP f/1.6 aperture primary camera. Next to it is a 13MP f/1.9 aperture secondary wide angle lens. The wide-angle lens offers superior shots, with quality that almost matches the primary lens. Speaking of the Primary Lens, it manages to take simply mesmerizing shots. 

The LG V30 is also great for video recording, however, there is nothing very special as it offers the usual 4K @30FPS recording capability of all current flagships, along with 3-axis Optical Image Stabilization. This results in a great looking video, with little to see shake. A good point to mention now is the audio capturing capability of this phone, which is top notch.


The phone comes with an average size 3300 mAh battery, which might seem too small. That indeed is not the ideal size for a 1440p 6″ display, but somehow, LG pulled it off. The phone offers the same battery life you would expect out of a V series phone. The phone should last a full day of average use with no problem. However, if you are a power user, you might find your phone charging mid-day.

If you do need to charge your phone in the middle of the day, fear not, because you will be able to get around 50% in 35 minutes, which is a great news. You can also do that wirelessly, but that would just be a bit slower. Still, every V30 will come with fast wireless charging, unlike the G6’s regional confusion.


The latest V- series phone is equipped with a Quad DAC, which stands for Digital Audio Converter. The DAC in the LG V30 might not be special for an LG, but it sure is for the smartphone market in general. This time, the phone comes with a Quad DAC, along with the wireless charging, in all regions. Included in the box are premium earbuds that offer great quality, especially for ones bundled in with the phone. Together, with the Quad DAC, the audio experience is nothing short of amazing.


LG V30 Colors

For $699, the LG V30 might not be very cheap, but it certainly is of decent value. The great design, top of the line specs, and amazing display are all worth it. It might not be a standout phone, but it is a great competition to the latest and greatest.

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