LG K7i With ‘Mosquito Away’ Technology First Phone Arrives In India


  • Mosquito repellant technology using Ultrasonic sound beams
  • LG K7i Indian price Rs. 7,990
  • Available in all retail shops across the country

LG launched its new K-series smartphone in Indian market and while LG K3 (2017) and LG K4 (2017) were expected to launch in India, LG has officially launched their new “Mosquito Repellant” LG K7i

The main feature of the device is, weirdly enough, “Mosquito repeller” technology. It contains a speaker that produces an ultrasonic sound which apparently repels mosquitoes. Now, right away the idea might sound like it’s part of a stand-up script but looking at the fact that a lot of countries in the world including India suffer from a large number of mosquito induced deaths in the form of Dengue or Malaria, it doesn’t sound ridiculous anymore.

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LG K7i Price in India

The LG K7i price in India is priced at Rs 7,990 and the smartphone is available in retail stores across the country. 


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