The LG G7 will not be launched in the MWC 2018

LG G7 will not launch in MWC 2018

For the past couple of years, LG has been launching beautiful phones. The modular LG G5, the power user-focused V10, V20 and V30, the slim bezel G6 are some of its finest products but then every single time, the LG phones were considered as the most underrated phone of the year. These phones pack all the latest tech, along with speedy performance but then they lose out on competition to its rival, Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy and Note phones have always eaten away the market share of profits from LG’s plate. Its high time LG did something about it and this year it’s doing something different.

According to a new report via “The Investor”, Vice Chairman and CEO of LG electronics, Jo Seong-jin has ordered a complete rethink of the G6 successor. Every year, the G series phone is launched during the MWC event but this time, that would not be the case.

The LG G7 has been leaked multiple times.

The G series phone usually gets overshadowed by the next month’s launch of Galaxy phones which check the boxes in better appeal, design, display quality, performance and battery life. Being a user of the LG V20, I can vouch for areas where LG completely lacks when compared to its Rival.

The initial rumours vouched for the presence of a dual front-facing camera with face unlock and slim bezels on the LG G7. But LG needs to do something remarkable which doesn’t end up being a gimmick in order to overpower the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

Xiaomi is also planning to launch the Mi 7 in the MWC 2018.

In my past experiences with the LG G4, the phone was unstable and consistently getting too warm with mundane tasks. The V20 showed a poor performance and a grainy camera app. The V30 has been showing poor display quality since it is LG’s first time with OLED screens. Although LG makes good phones, it does fail poorly in certain other areas. 

We look forward to seeing something out of the ordinary by LG now that the G7 launch has been delayed to make sure that it doesn’t get overpowered by its Samsung competitors. 

Do you want to see the LG G7 in the MWC 2018? Are you an LG phone user? Let us know in the comments section below.

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