LG’s latest smartphone teaser could bring back air gestures

Despite having a mediocre smartphone success, LG continues to make great smartphones. In fact, the LG G7+ ThinQ, their previous flagship, was one of the best smartphones of the year. So much so, that it even won the Mr. Phone Award for the Best Multimedia Smartphone. Growing on its success, LG had also launched the LG V40 ThinQ in India. Now, with MWC coming up next month, the company has sent out press invites for their Premier event. Judging by their promo video, their new video could bring back the infamous air gestures.

LG MWC 2019 Teaser

Exactly a month ahead of LG’s MWC 2019 Premier, the company has released its promo video. In the video, you can see a hand summoning and dismissing text with a simple wave. The gestures remind one of the air gestures on the Samsung Galaxy S4, back in the day. For now, LG hasn’t revealed anything more on the tech they are planning to unveil. 

Could Air Gestures be the new trend?

It is quite unclear as to what LG is aiming at. For starters, the air gestures on the Galaxy S4 were cool, but they were more of a gimmick. I can hardly recall anyone who actually used those gestures in their daily lives. Secondly, air gestures also require you to use both hands, one for holding the smartphone while the other to perform gestures. In a world where smartphones are getting bigger and companies like Samsung are working towards One UI to make one-handed usage easier, LG step towards air gestures seems a bit weird. Nonetheless, considering that this is LG we’re talking about, the final product could end up looking as well as performing well. We will have to wait till February 24th to find that out, so stay tuned to Mr. Phone.

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