Lenovo Z5 Pro is the latest slider camera phone; here’s a leaked video of it

lenovo z5 pro

When we talk about the Lenovo Z5, the first thing that comes to mind is of Lenovo’s Vice President Chang Cheng. Prior to the launch of the handset, Cheng was the chief instigator of some very misleading pre-launch teasers. Those teasers created a lot of furore and after launch, Cheng faced a lot of backlash from the media because of the guerilla marketing tactic. Now, we’re hearing (no, seeing) a teaser of the Lenovo Z5 Pro which once again refreshes our memory of the leak.

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The video teaser is much more elaborate than the tiny glimpse we saw of the handset at IFA 2018 when Lenovo hit the floor. So, this is another slider concept demoed by Lenovo not much different from Find X, except that it’s completely manual. Also, it’s much easier to make as the Lenovo Z5 Pro would be split into two parts where the rear would slide out from the back. Take a look at the footage yourself. Also, the phone would have an on-screen fingerprint sensor (get ready to see a lot of these).

The video teaser isn’t very detailed and there are many facets of design that remain untouched here. Obviously, this isn’t as difficult to make as the electronic mechanism and it could be much less prone to failure. This does allow Lenovo to place a full-screen on the Lenovo Z5 Pro.

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Also, since they’re calling it a Z5 Pro, we might not see a big spec bump on the handset over its smaller sibling – the Lenovo Z5. A Snapdragon 660 is possible and other specifications such as screen quality and cameras could also get an upgrade. 

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