Lenovo VP posts two snaps taken with the Lenovo Z5 “AI Dual Camera”

Lenovo Z5

The Lenovo Z5 has been somewhat of a revelation since it has surfaced in the past weeks with a lot of industry firsts packed into it. The handset made grabbed a lot of attention when official word of a 95 percent screen-to-body ratio got out. But in the following weeks, we also came to know of yet another ace up its sleeve. Lenovo officially confirmed that the handset would be embedded with a jaw-dropping 4TB of storage, an unheard of feat in the smartphone industry so far.

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lenovo z5 lenovo z5

Well, the launch date is far, and the teasers continue. Lenovo VP Chang Cheng shared a couple of shots take by the handset. The shots are watermarked with “Lenovo Z5” and “AI Dual Camera” text on the snap. This doesn’t tell us much but at least we can say that we’ll see some AI features on the smartphone. AI has been the buzzword this year so we’re not very surprised that Lenovo is teasing it on its high-end device. Also, the shot is taken by a dual camera, that much is clear. As for the real calibre of these cameras, we’ll only find out after launch.

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So far, the Lenovo Z5 looks like the hottest thing in 2018. We’re especially stoked in anticipation of the true bezel-less display. According to Cheng, Lenovo has baked in 18 patented technologies to achieve such a feat. Obviously, this means the front camera goes into hiding somewhere. Stay tuned as we expect more teasers coming up in the next weeks. The Lenovo Z5 launches on June 14.

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