Lava Z series are now customisable with the company’s new MyZ and Zup upgrade programs

Lava Z series

Lava Z series are the latest offerings from the company catered to the budget segment in the country. Lava Mobiles has introduced four new phones comprising — Lava Z1, Z2, Z4 and Z6. While the Z1 is a designed-in-India phone, the other phones share similar aspects with different cameras and storage options. The company has also come up with a new fitness band — Lava BeFIT, priced Rs 2,699. Despite multiple options available in terms of storage and cameras in the latest Z series — the company says, they are further customisable with its new ‘MyZ’ program, and upgradable with its ‘Zup’ program.

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Lava Z series — MyZ (Made-to-order) phone

Lava Mobiles is introducing a unique and new concept called ‘Made-to-order’ under its MyZ program. This claims to be the world’s first program, which allows users to build their unique Z series phone with multiple combinations. So as to speak, there could be around 66 different combinations to workaround in order to achieve the desired phone. These combinations can include customisable options in terms of RAM, built-in storage, front camera, rear camera(s) and also the colour options, which is beneficial.

The latest Z series falls under a highly competitive segment in India, brands like Redmi, Realme and Samsung usually convolute this space with their wide range of smartphones. Lava Mobiles, on the other hand, chose to bring in this new concept to make their mobiles more appealing. And, is allowing customers to independently choose RAM, ROM, cameras, instead of not relying on brands’ only options.

Lava Z series

For example, a consumer can build his Z series phone with either 2/3GB of RAM, or 32/64GB of storage or mismatch it with a different selfie camera. They can either choose triple rear cameras or dual cameras according to their needs and usage scenarios. This can include around 66 combinations, as suggested earlier. Hence users can have a ‘MyZ’ smartphone instead of having available variants under Lava Z series.

Lava Z series — Zup program

Likewise, the Zup program works more or less the same. Instead of buying a new phone with a different feature set, customers can upgrade their RAM and onboard storage by visiting a Lava service centre, when they feel the upgrade is necessary.

This is an ‘on-the-spot’ upgrade program by the company. It allows consumers to upgrade their storage options by paying only incremental chargers for the upgrade. This eliminates the need to buy a whole new device altogether just for a storage upgrade. It further makes transferring data between old and new phones swiftly alongside making the program affordable at the same time.

The MyZ and Zup programs will be available across all the latest Lava Z series models with multiple customisable options.

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