Your favorite Kindle app just got redesigned for Android and iOS

Kindle App has been updated

In this era of technology, the meaning of the word ‘bibliophile’ has undergone a major change. Since people have no time or space to carry heavy books around, they use the Kindle by Amazon to keep themselves entertained. Amazon has just introduced some major changes to the Kindle app! Read on to know more.

The changes are quite important and agreeable at the same time. User Interaction or UI has been given a major makeover. The app now has two themes- light and dark suitable for your respective needs. Along with this, you can now access the last book you read, very easily! A new button has been added in the center of the bottom bar to make your experience better. 

Watch this video to understand all the changes in detail – 


The book covers are larger which makes you recognize your favorite books pretty comfortably. Another important addition is that a link to the Amazon store has been added using which you can buy books instantly! 

However, the buying feature is not available in the iOS version since Amazon does not wish to give 30% of its earnings to Apple.

The Android version, on the other hand, will have this feature. If you’re an iOS user then you’ll have to look for books in the store and buy them through a browser.

There has been one more major change – an integration with Goodreads! If you’re confused about which book to buy or want to discuss a plot with another book lover, you can do it from within the Kindle app. Goodreads users can now interact with the Kindle users within the app and we think that this change is phenomenal.

The above-mentioned feature is location specific so don’t be quick to judge your phone if you’re not able to use it right now. Another important fact is that this feature has been introduced for the iOS users. So, Android users cannot use it as of now. The app is available for download and update on both the app stores.

Find the Android Kindle app here.

Find the Kindle app for iOS here

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