Jio is making an affordable Android Go phone with a MediaTek processor

Jio will launch an Android Go phone in 2018

MediaTek has collaborated with Reliance Jio to release an affordable Android Go phone. The announcement has been made by MediaTek’s Head of Mobiles, TL Lee. This unnamed Jio Android Go 4G phone will be launched in the first quarter of 2018.

Micromax was the first company to announce the arrival of the first Android Go phone. By joining the league, Jio Android Go phone will directly compete with the former. Android Go is meant for devices with less than 1GB of RAM.

The phones are meant to run Android Oreo and strive to make the internet more accessible by introducing special variants of apps. These smartphones will come with the best Android software at affordable prices. 

Apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Gmail, Play etc have already been launched in ‘Go’ edition. These smartphones will have a special Play Store through which they can choose to download these optimized apps along with the normal ones.

However, with lesser RAM under their hood, the smartphones will experience a turbulent time with the unoptimized apps. The question which stands is that how this phone will compare with the Jio feature phone. 

Nokia 1 is an Android Go phone

Nokia 1 is also an Android Go phone and it is arriving really soon.

Well, the Jio Phone doesn’t compare to the Android Go 4G smartphone since the latter is a 4G ‘smartphone’. Along with that, it will be laced with the latest Android software which the Jio Phone misses. With Jio in the league, we can expect more manufacturers to launch new and affordable phones. 

Will you buy this smartphone if it launches in 2018? What are your thoughts on Google’s Go program? Let us know in the comments section below.

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