iPhone X demand slow down spells trouble for Samsung’s OLED panel business

iPhone X

Apple may have had a stellar last quarter in 2017 with some record revenues. But it seems that demand for its latest $1000 machine is waning down. This was expected earlier as reports stated that Apple would stop iPhone X production by mid-2018. Those projections might turn out to be true as the euphoria surrounding the latest gadget fades.

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OLED panels


The thing is that it would affect Samsung in a big way too. Samsung is the primary supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone X this year. And less demand means less production, which means less OLED panel sales.

A report from Nikkei Asia says that Samsung has already started hunting for potential suitors of the leftover OLED display stocks. And of course, with so many Android phone makers just jumping on the notch train, this could be easier. However, not everybody has deep pockets like Apple as OLED panels are costlier than their LCD counterparts. Apple had been reportedly paying at least $100 a pop which is obviously a very high price for Android manufacturers. Moreover, a number of OLED panel makers like Sharp, and others in China are now set to enter the OLED race.

The report from Nikkei said, “production of the iPhone X, whose sales have been sluggish, is expected to drop by half in the first 3 months of this year from the initial estimate of over 40 million units.”

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Meanwhile, Samsung is all set to launch its flagship Galaxy S9/S9+ in a week’s time on February 25th. We’ve compiled all the data related to the Galaxy S9 specs up till now in a single post linked above. Let us know what you think about the handset. 

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