iPhone X and its notch | How does it feel to have it?

iPhone X and its notch

So we’ve all seen the new iPhone X, unveiled by Apple. It has some unusual design choices. To give a large screen to body ratio, Apple pushed the new OLED panel all the way to the top corner but had to leave an annoying notch in the middle. But is the iPhone X with its notch annoying?

We’ve seen another smartphone with a weird looking notch in the middle of the screen, the Essential PH-1. It has a small front camera cut-out in the display, which looks weird but doesn’t affect content consumption in any way. So how about the iPhone X then? How to find out what it feels like to have that notch up top? There’s a software solution for that! It’s an app called XOutOf10 on the Play store.


The app essentially gives you a software version of the notch on your screen. You can set the span of it and see what it feels like to have it up there all the time.


You can select any DPI if you don’t like the default values that the app automatically sets for your screen. I changed mine from the one up there to something like this:


I used my phone for a while like I normally would, watched some YouTube videos, and guess what. The notch didn’t really bother me at all! You automatically tend to focus on the content more than the surrounding bezels on your device anyway.


There were a few concerns like the notch taking up the scroll section on web pages when viewed in landscape, notification pop-ups acting weird and others. But I’m sure Apple will figure something out, Or they’ll simply call them as ‘innovative features’ and whistle on their way out! 

Just kidding! The software updates will take care of it eventually, so there aren’t any reasons for major concerns. That’s just me though. What about you? If you want to try it out for yourself, download it from the Play Store.

I suggest these DPI options for a 720p and 1080p displays respectively:


Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think of the ‘notch’ on your display and whether it affects your daily usage.

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