iPhone X does it again, has green lines over the display!

iPhone X

With big flagships come bigger problems. Does that line make sense to you? It will if you own an iPhone X! Just a few days ago,  we were talking about iPhone X and the alleged inaccuracy in their Face ID feature. Today, we have discovered a new glitch in the flagship phone. Many users have been complaining that they can see a green line on their displays!

Oh, iPhone X, you are a beautiful mess indeed.

In the pictures, you can clearly say a verticle green line along the display of the ‘revolutionary’ iPhone X. The situation is a sad one and we cannot help but wonder why Apple is becoming so reckless.

iPhone X display problem

According to sources, the green line is an electrical malfunction as it is letting the sub-pixels which are green in color, light up. The diamond subpixel used in the phone is being convicted of causing the green lines on the display. 

When a similar issue happened on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, the Korean giant had to replace all the units! In this case, however, the line was pink in color but it wasn’t cute (just saying). Samsung called it a hardware issue and if this continues, Apple will also have to follow suit.

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iPhone X

One concerned customer took the affected iPhone X to the store and got it replaced. We aren’t yet sure about the replacement of all units but if this is happening to your iPhone X unit, just rush to the Apple store.

The problem can affect any unit and if yours hasn’t been malfunctioning, there is a strong chance that it will. After the Pixel 2 burn-in issues, this is yet another concerning piece of news which deserves the attention of these companies.

Are you facing this issue on your device? Do you know someone who got it replaced? Let us know in the comments section below!

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