iPhone will support dual-sim slots in 2018, claims a rumour

Apple iPhone X

iPhone X has been more of a success than the other two iPhones, now we have rumours that Apple will release dual-sim handsets in 2018. The company is already talking to Intel in order to provide 5G modems and make the future iPhones be even faster. 

iPhone X

Owing a dual-sim mobile phone is no big deal many companies have developed such handsets and they are doing well in the market. Companies like Xiaomi and Samsung already have phones with dual-sim slots. Reports allegedly claim that the iPhones which will debut in 2018 will have these dual slots including the successor of the iPhone X. Reports even claim that the dual-sim offer a combination of LTE and 3G internet connectivity. The Cupertino company is planning to bring two LTE networks simultaneously which will enhance customer experience. 

Instead of contacting Qualcomm, Apple is in talks with Intel for the 5G modem as they feel it is the most suitable fit for the handsets coming soon. This happened due to the ongoing litigations between Apple and Qualcomm. If you are unaware Qualcomm sued Apple for breaching its privacy contract and accused Apple of sharing internal information with Qualcomm. 

What is done is done, but if the claims are true a dual-sim iPhone is already being build and may soon launch in the early months of 2018. 

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