Why is developing a mobile game more practical on iOS than Android?

iOS Game Development

Gaming phones as a niche has exploded in the past couple of years with the forward march of Battle Royale genre of games like PUBG. We now have dedicated gaming phones from Asus, Xiaomi, Nubia, and more; taking mobile gaming head-on with high refresh rate panels and mind-numbing cooling systems. But, when you talk about iOS you don’t necessarily think gaming to be the center of attention. But what’s interesting is that Apple seems to be one of the most active brands when it comes to promoting mobile gaming. Plus, gaming on an iOS device continues to be one step ahead of most Android phones. 

Also, there’s an incentive for game developers to target Apple’s iOS. I recently had a chance to meet a few India-based iOS game developers at Apple’s office and talk to them about their journey on the platform.

Why iOS is preferred as a Game Development Platform? 

To begin with, I was quite surprised to know that the development for iOS devices didn’t differ a lot from developing for any other platform. From my chat with the developers, I found out a few primary advantages of developing for iOS over other platforms. Read on:

  1. A premium audience: The first and foremost factor for a lot of game developers is distribution. These developers can work magic when it comes to coding and making the game look a certain way. But where they lack is the distribution and business aspect of it. Which we have to agree is equally important if not more. This is where Apple helps them because iOS with its demographic provides these game developers a premium audience. This way game developers can not only mould and shape the game in a more realistic way, but also can expect exposure to an audience that is also willing to pay for games. 

  1. App Store picks: The second reason they all preferred working with Apple’s software is the immense support from the app store team at Apple. They not only help them with any sort of problems in the distribution, but also help them promote their games. According to one developer, one of the reasons their game got the huge traction was because they got an app store feature on a few occasions. This is done by a team of experienced editors sitting out of Bangalore. And, that in itself allows the game developers to be confident about their game. If they make a good game it will certainly fall into the team’s eyes and thus earning them a feature on App store. 
  1. Ultimate optimisation for Apple devices: The biggest advantage developers have is the limited number of devices to optimise for. This has been one of the biggest reasons apple is so good with software and becomes the reason for developers to create a good experience for the user. This allows the developers even with smaller teams to optimise the game well for individual devices, which results in an overall smoother experience compared to other platforms. 

  1. Powerful devices with support for advanced technologies: One of the game developers there was an AR game called RushARound. Yeah, it is spelt like that. Pretty creative, no? That said, it’s not just the name that’s creative, this AR game uses your surrounding surface to create your playground. The game starts with a clock on the ground with the hour marks sitting in their place, this is followed by the players rushing to the randomly assigned marks and the one who completes all of them first wins. I was offered to play the game with one of the developers themselves and it was a pleasure. The gameplay was fun, but all of it was possible because of Apple’s ARkit which enables them to develop fun games in a technology that’s still in a nascent stage.  

The iOS devices might not have the look of your typical gaming device. But, just like these game developers a lot of you can testify to the fact that gaming on an iOS device is truly a smooth experience. And, it of course feels good to know that Apple makes sure that the developers of these games also have the same experience as the company tries to provide to its users. 

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