iOS 14 users report a bug that resets default mail and browser app settings after every reboot

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iOS users received the yearly update earlier this week in the form of iOS 14. Now, while the rollout has begun, it has not been very well done, with the update being late for some users, and for others, plus some bugs being reported online. Today, we will discuss one such bug, which is constantly resetting one of the device’s primary settings after rebooting the same. What is this all about? Let us find out in brief.

iOS 14 Bug Report: Automatic reset of default mail and browser settings

The latest iOS 14 update brings along with it multiple new features, with one of them being the ability to change the default browser to Google Chrome from the default Safari browser found in Apple devices. This can be done by entering Settings, choosing Chrome, and selecting it as the Default Browser App. This seems good, does it not? But, a new bug reportedly resets this default setting each and every time an iPhone or iPad user reboots their device.

After the reboot, all the links start opening via the Safari browser, a change that should not take place considering the user has already set the setting to choose Chrome. This was first reported by 9to5Mac. Additionally, several users on Twitter seem to be facing the same issue, with them going online to complain and point out the same. The same thing takes place once you change the default mail app from Mail to say Outlook.

This happens when either the battery of said iPhone/iPad dies or when the devices are intentionally rebooted. This results in these manual tweaks to go back to the preset options. To fix this, the user has to go back to the settings every single time, which is a pain that may affect the user’s perception of the brand. We hope everything is fixed soon.

What are your thoughts regarding the same? Are you facing the same issue? If so, let us know in the comments below.


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