10 Biggest highlights of the new iOS 13 features announced at WWDC 2019

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Yesterday night (IST), Apple at its annual developer conference announced several interesting product announcements and upgrades (iOS 13, macOS Catalina, iPad OS). Of course, you may all want to get hands-on with the all-new Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, and that Pro Stand. But my god, they cost so cheap! (Understand the Sarcasm of Author)

While not all can get their hands on to the expensive hardware introduced, but all the Apple iPhone users can certainly enjoy the new features. Let’s talk about all the biggest upgrades arriving on the iOS 13 later this fall to everyone. For developers, they can have access to the iOS 13 once they log in with developer creds. 

While the enthusiasts who would like to try the iOS 13 features on their respective handsets. They will have to wait for the public beta to open up. The company hasn’t shared the exact date. But it shall be sometime next month.  

10 biggest highlights of the iOS 13. 

  1. Dark mode: It is the biggest visual update on iOS so far. Everything can be in dark mode. The most demanded and waited for a feature on iOS. The native apps and system-wide dark mode are arriving on iOS later this fall. For anyone who loves a dramatic look, this will breathe a new life for their iOS experience. Interestingly, it will be available for developers to integrate into their respective apps. Further, it can be scheduled to automatically turn on at sunset. Or at a certain time. 
  1. Voice control on iOS: A powerful new experience of voice navigation through iOS will arrive. The voice recognition is said to be more accurate with the latest Siri speech recognition technology. 
  1. Gallery gets a refresh: Apple wants to declutter your gallery and that’s why it has utilized the on-device machine learning to curate the entire library on your device. It will highlight the best images and hide similar photos. The idea is to showcase the significant moments from the past day, month, or year. There will be auto-play videos. 

  1. Reminders: Four options for sorting with a new look. There will be more than one way to organize your reminders now. Thus keeping track of them would be easy. Creating and editing reminders is said to be easier than ever. There will be an integration of reminders in the messages app. 
  1. Swipe Up: Swiping functionality added to the keyboard. A simple functionality of typing using swiping has finally arrived on the default keyboard on iOS. Now iOS users may want to hold on to using third-party apps. 
  1. All-new Apple Maps Experience: Other than Google Street View like a mode that was showcased at the stage. Apple claims it has completely redesigned the experience on its new Maps. Using new basecamp and high-res 3D photography it was able to deliver the beautiful street-level imagery of a city. Plus many new features coming in this fall for Apple Maps users. 

iOS 13 - Apple Maps

  1. iMessage profile pictures like WhatsApp: Identifying the contacts in the thread would be easier, as the company introduces Memoji or Animoji for the messages. It will automatically share name and photo or the customized Memoji/animoji. 
  1. New photo and video editing tools: Editing a photo on iPhone will become more comprehensive as Apple will introduce many functions built into the system editor. Not just for photos but videos as well. The new tools said to make it easier to apply, adjust, and review at glance. The video editing on iOS 13 will introduce rotation, crop, and filters within the Photos app. 
  1. Files App:  Now you’d be able to share the folder with iCloud Drive. Plus, there said to be a support for USB sticks and SDCards. So, accessing the content from external storage devices is said to become easier on the iOS 13. 
  1. Sign in with Apple: This basically adds another option where apple uses face ID to input your info to an app and that’s it. Also, in case something requires your email ID, this will generate a random email, get the original mail sent there and then forward it to you. Thus protecting your privacy. So next time you won’t have to worry about accessing the new apps using Facebook or Google. This is quite exciting news for people who are concerned with privacy on their iPhones. 

These are some of the features that we thought are one of the biggest upgrades on the preview features showcased on the iOS 13. Of course, Apple would be offering more than just 10 new features on its new major upgrade. If you’re wondering which devices would be receiving the iOS 13 update. Then you must know that it will be offered for iPhone 6s and after launched phones. 

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