iOS 11 on an iPad | Top 5 features

iOS 11 on iPad

So here we are with the final release of iOS 11, the biggest iOS upgrade till date. iOS 11 upgrade did add in a couple of nice features on the iPhone but a large upgrade to the iPad. iPad with iOS 11 is closing the gap between a media consumption machine and your main computer for productivity. Here are the top 5 features that you get with the iOS 11 on the latest iPad.

The Dock

The most notable feature of the iOS 11, is an introduction of the MacOS dock. A true multitasking feature which has been left out for long. You can continue to work on your existing app and pull up the dock from the bottom and open another app.

You can not only take advantage of the multi touch input screen, but feel more at home, if you have been using a mac for long. Other than this, you also get a list of recent apps open, on the right end of the dock that you can access without going to the recent apps screen, that minimizes everything.


The one thing, iOS has been criticized by Android users, is its inability to multi-task. iOS 10 introduced the split screen feature where two apps can be used at once. Now we go a step further by bringing in 4 apps which you can use at once. You can have a split screen and plus a third floating window and a video popped out. The floating window can be moved anywhere depending on which part of the screen you are working on.

All of this can be accessed from the dock. Another great feature is the ability to move data around across the open apps. You can drag a text, URL, image from any app and place it in a supported app (eg : Mail, Messages, Keynote, etc).

Control Center

The trademarked control center of iOS is now more versatile. You can now customize switches that you want to place on the control center, which also includes a native screen recording switch which has been along-standingg desire. The control center activates by a long flick from the bottom. This also couples as an app switcher that shows all recently opened apps. The control center buttons also have nice animations if long pressed, much like the 3D touch from the iPhone. The more buttons you add to the control center, the larger surface area it will take. At the beginning it does look intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, you can’t live without it.


The biggest feature missing out till date, which made many leave the iOS ecosystem was the absence of a file explorer. But now in iOS11, we finally have a native file explorer that allows you to save items locally on the device. The Files app integrates cloud services and also gives a local storage repository. This helps productivity by a large margin.


In the days of iOS 10, we had to run through apps and integrate cloud on each app to collaborate and share the files. Now, you can save any type of file, including a photoshop project, a spreadsheet or a document to the files app. This opens doors to so many possibilities for productivity.


Last but not the least, my favourite is the inclusion of ARkit. I did see the demos earlier but using it real time does make your jaw drop. ARkit calculates space positioning with flawless accuracy and gives Augmented reality a big boost. There are already a couple of ARkit ready apps to use which are fun to play around. One great example is IKEA Place. You can actually place furniture in your room and it uses ARkit to place it accurately. It also shows shadow effects based on your room’s lighting.


You can also play AR games like Warhammer 40K that renders a Robot on the surface of your table that clearly beats all other AR attempts made so far. Augmented Reality is definitely perfected by ARkit.

iOS 11 is a very promising upgrade and making it worthy to be my daily driver. How do you feel about it. Let me know about it, down in the comments.

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