You can now avail international warranty on any iPhone in India!

iPhone is getting international warranty warranty

iPhone is just not a phone but a status symbol when it comes to its popularity in India. People are crazy about Apple and its products and even if the Co-founder of the company believes that it’s getting monotonous, the Indian crowd just can’t stop loving it!

Well, if you’re an iPhone user, we have a pretty important news for you. Apple India has, very modestly, started providing an international warranty to all the iPhone models you buy outside the Indian subcontinent.

What it means is that if you if have bought an Apple phone from the USA and now you stay in India, your phone will basically be serviced under warranty! Earlier, this was not the case as the warranty didn’t apply to any Apple phone bought from outside the country.

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The other devices had this special permission by the Cupertino giant and yet popular the mobile phones by Apple were was devoid of it.

But why do people buy an iPhone from another country?

The question is logical and the answer is quite disturbing. The main reason due to which the NRIs and even the Indian tourists buy iPhone from the other countries is the huge difference in the price. Yes, an iPhone model in India is even more expensive than its counterpart in abroad. 

For instance, the iPhone X costs $999 in the US (excluding taxes) and the same model will cost you $1362 or INR 88,231/-  in India (including taxes). Even if you account for the taxes in the US, the Indian price will still be evidently higher than the complete cost of the iPhone X in America. 

iPhone X will have international warranty

This is the reason why we Indians love to ask our NRI relatives to buy and get us an iPhone, don’t we? And now, we can actually be sure about our decision to buy it from abroad because we can get it fixed under warranty. 

But there is a catch in this amazing news as well. The warranty will be applicable to the unlocked models of the Apple phones! If you buy a carrier locked model from any other country, your device will sadly not be considered for the international warranty.

So far, this news has been confirmed for India only. Apple might introduce it in the other countries but we do not have any official information about it as of now. 

Are you using an iPhone you bought from abroad? Are you thinking of buying one? Let us know in the comments and share it with someone who needs to read this piece, right now!





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