How to install Dark Mode on Instagram for Android

Hate it or love it, Dark Mode is clearly the rage these days. From developers to consumers to finally even Google itself, Dark Mode is making its way to all apps and software around us. Now, one of the most popular apps out there that even I use a lot is Instagram. While the app may have gone a slight UI overhaul, it still doesn’t have a dark mode. Well, are you one who craves a dark mode for Instagram? Read on, as we show you a simple trick to get Dark Mode for Instagram on Android.

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How to get Dark Mode on Instagram for Android

Note: This method makes use of a third-party modded app. The following method was tested for a week to ensure zero damage to the user’s account. That said, we will not be responsible for any harm to your account.

1. First off, download the APK for InstaMod from here. This is a side alone app, which means you can continue to use the original Instagram app alongside this if you want to.

2. Next up, install the APK that you just downloaded. Depending on your Android version, you will have to grant the app/system the permission to install APK files.

3. Once the app is installed, simply open it and log in with your Instagram account. 

Note: While attempting to log in, make sure to enter your username and your password. Do not use the option to Log in with Facebook.

4. And that’s it. You can now enjoy Instagram in dark mode.

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Enjoy Instagram Dark Mode

Till the time Facebook decides to roll out an official dark mode for the Instagram app, the above method should work fine. I’ve personally tried the method and have faced no issues whatsoever. Also, the modded app is updated frequently. We will be updating the above guide as and when a new update comes, so make sure to check back here from time to time. And while you’re at it, follow Mr. Phone for all the updates in the technology world.

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