Indonesia against internet obscenity, threatens to shutdown WhatsApp

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Indonesia is a Muslim-majority nation, and they have their own conservatism methodologies. The internet is censored in Indonesia up to a large extent, they have implemented new steps to curve the internet obscenity. The country threatened to shutdown WhatsApp until and unless they remove the animated graphics files popularly known as GIF they are available in the app via a third party. 

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Samuel Pangerapan (Director General at Indonesia’s communication and informatics ministry) says, “We will call all providers, including Google to clean up their network”. The ministry said that if within 48 hours the GIF’s are removed from the messaging service, they would block the app. 

On Tuesday Indonesia will summon the representatives of the messaging services and demand to remove the obscene content from the internet. 

Indonesia has blocked the access to websites which offer criticism to Islam, sex education, and dating services. The country has 69 million Facebook users and ranks globally after Brazil, India, and the United States. 

Look at what an angry WhatsApp user posted on Twitter: “While you’re at it, why don’t you block Twitter too, (and) if necessary all browsers in the Play store, because it’s way easier to search for porn there than on WhatsApp”. 

The Indonesia consumers foundation has asked the communications ministry to block the pornographic GIF. They gave an explanation that kids could access them with ease. 

Do you think this move by their government is justified? let us know what you feel. I am sure you won’t deny the fact that this blocking would safeguard the children but is it fair to the adult citizens of the country. Is their freedom being tampered?

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