India has the slowest 4G internet speed in the world

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Many telecom companies are coming up with the claim that they provide their users with the fastest internet speed. There claim seems to be bogus after all, India has been ranked to have the slowest 4G speed among 77 other countries. Unfortunately, the average download speed of India is very low compared to other countries. 

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The users in the country are able to access 4G network up to 84% of the time which is definitely an increased percentage of what we had last year. This is at least far better than some established countries like Sweden, Taiwan, and the UK. Reliance Jio is one of the prime operators of the internet and it claims to lead the 4G availability by offering its LTE signals 91% of the time. On the other hand, other operators couldn’t score even 60% in some tests regulated by open signal. 

Many strong 4G operators like Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone have all witnessed a drop in the 4G network speed this year. Whereas Jio is giving its users a different experience, they faced a huge hike of 50% in their internet speed. It varied from 3.9 Mbps-5.8 Mbps over the last six months. 

Fast internet speed is the need of the hour for India every telecom operator is trying its best to provide their users with fast internet access. They are making improvements in their existing speeds and hopefully, within a couple of years, India will have a better system of the 4G network. 

If you are wondering which country is leading in the 4G availability, well it is South Korea. It has a download speed of 45.85 Mbps followed by Singapore with an average speed of 46.64 Mbps.  

We hope that in the coming years India will have a faster 4G network and will rank much higher than its present state. 

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