India becomes the second largest smartphone market by overtaking US!

India leading the international smartphone market

India is focussing on digitization nowadays and thanks to the TRAI, people are getting access to network and data services at affordable rates. The digital potential of India is in news again because this time, we have officially overtaken the USA in terms of smartphone consumption! The news has been reported by Canalys and we are nothing short of being proud.

The USA shifted to the second place in the list of the biggest smartphone markets in the world when China overpowered it in that segment in 2013. The report by Canalys says that there were around 40 million smartphone shipments in India in the third quarter of 2017. Coming to the smartphone brands, Samsung and Xiaomi are the leading ones with 46.5% shipments under their hood.

Samsung shipped a whopping 9.4 million units while Xiaomi came pretty close with 9.2 million units in the third quarter this year. Xiaomi has been gaining immense popularity in India and there is no doubt about the fact that it is going to overtake every premium brand as far as shipments in this country are concerned. 

Smartphone brands and their shipments in India

Xiaomi is known to focus its attention on the low range devices because other brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo are what we can call the kings and queens of the midrange. However, the Chinese company is estimated to overpower all of these highly popular brands due to its focus on specs and innovation.

The most sought-after smartphone brand in the world, Apple, is nowhere to be found on the list since it is basically out of range of the majority population in the Indian subcontinent.

Along with the price issue, the warranty problem on the iPhone devices bought from the other countries (where they are more affordable) is a very prominent obstacle. The Cupertino giant has been working hard to gain make its monopoly in the market by doubling the shipments in the third quarter of this year. 

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Due to affordable smartphones coming out every day, the monopoly of India in the international smartphone market is expected to grow manifold. America is highly unlikely to catch up at the second position and we hope that the next time, we overtake China as well!

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