Improvements in the Razor phone camera

Min-Liang Tan the CEO of Razor phones recently published a post on Facebook regarding the performance of the camera app. Earlier there were complaints about the camera app and users were not pleased. The post clears that the company is working on the improvement of the software. 

Razor phone

Following features will be a part of the new updated version of the camera app:

  • Instazoon button ( that will help in a quick jump to the telephoto lens leading to improved zoom performance ) 
  • Slow-motion video recording
  • Portrait-mode
  • 60 fps video-recording and
  • Speed improvements

According to the CEO, these features were demanded by the viewers. 

Even though Razor is a new brand in the mobile phone industry it still values its customers. Every request by the Razor phone user has been examined and implemented by the company. 

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