Huawei smartphones could be powered by Sailfish OS, as company explores the alternatives

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Huawei is all set to bring an alternative smartphone operating system to its devices in China and all over the world. After the ban of Android license by Google followed by many partnerships getting revoked. Huawei is trying to build itself back, and one of the prime focus for the company is the operating system. One of the contenders in line is Sailfish OS. Let’s talk more on this below. 

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Huawei Smartphones – Why Sailfish OS?

Why not? Sailfish OS is considered to be one of the most secured open-source mobile operating systems out there. Not many OSs out there can own up to that definition. While Huawei is reportedly working on its own operating system, teased to be 60% faster than Android, there is a possibility that Huawei might take up on the Sailfish OS. 

According to the publication, The BELL, Huawei might be looking for the possibility of using Sailfish OS fork as its Android replacement for future. There are reportedly talks going on as it is believed that CEO Kuo Ping and Konstantin Noskov, head of digital development, communications, and mass media, Russia. 

There are reports suggesting that Aurora OS, based on Sailfish OS is already being tested for Huawei smartphones. Along with that, the conglomerate could be planning with the idea of partly moving its production of chipsets and devices operation to Russia. 

What are the struggles Huawei will have to go for Sailfish OS adoption? 

Sailfish OS hasn’t made big as far as the application ecosystem is concerned, compared to iOS and Android. But it sure has a lot to offer as far as the privacy and security-focused features are concerned. And that’s why Huawei might be interested in developing a partnership with the company. 

While the biggest task for the Huawei is to onboard the developers to publish apps on its platform. It has already reportedly requested developers to publish apps on its App Store, dubbed as AppGallery. On the side note, Huawei is already in talks to register “Hongmeng OS”, and could push this OS to a million devices in China. So far the HongMeng OS scheduled arrival is sometime in October. 

Stay tuned in for more development regarding Huawei and its struggle to get back into business as it looks alternatives not just for software, but its hardware reliance on its US partners.   

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