The Mate 10 Pro is powerful enough to drive your car, proves Huawei

Huawei Mate 10 Pro can drive your cars

Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro has just landed an awesome new job. The phone can actually drive your car. The Huawei HiSilicon Kirin 970 processor under the phone is powerful enough to drive your car and avoid colliding with an object. It’s sad that the carriers in America are not allowed to sell such a powerful flagship. 

The Chinese company had only five weeks to equip a Porche Panamera with the Mate 10’s processor and get it running. The car actually became potent enough to avoid a collision with a random object which presented itself. Huawei has trained its AI to recognize cats, dogs and other animals and the car avoided bumping into a dog while testing. Watch this video and get blown as you realise how powerful smartphone processors really are:

However, the company is not planning on producing self-driving cars. The video only shows a single vehicle avoiding an accident during a test drive. In a real situation, the AI will have to take care of the traffic, people and numerous other factors rather than focussing on a single animal. On the other hand, we can imagine the prowess of upcoming processors and smartphones. If a 2017 device can do this, we can speculate what a 2021 device will be capable of. 

Huawei wanted to make its Mate 10 Pro flagship look like a star and this video has done it impeccably. These innovations by Huawei will be showcased at MWC this year. Get ready to watch some serious action this year in Barcelona. Do you find this video amazing? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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