How to get the most out of your gaming experience?

Improving your gaming experience

Smartphone gaming has come a long way. Starting from basic games that were a couple of megabytes max, we now have hardcore titles that span up to several gigabytes in size. I’m sure you have a smartphone and you have definitely installed some games on there.

But if you ever feel like moving on from candy crush saga into playing a “real game” then you should know how to get the most out of your phone’s hardware.

If you have already tried playing some heavy games and they did not seem to run well, don’t be disheartened yet. Like Optimus Prime said, there is more to your Android than meets the eye! So why don’t we check out some cool tricks by which you can improve your gaming experience?

1. Multiply your MSAA synthetically

Improving MSAA
MSAA is nothing but Multi Sample Anti Aliasing, which means that it is a technique used to improve graphics quality rendered by your device.
Under the awesome option called developer settings in your android phone,  you will find a setting that reads 4x MSAA. Enabling it does the exact thing, it enhances your frames synthetically. So this works really well for some games but may not show any significant effect on other games.

When it does kick in, the gameplay becomes much smoother and you’ll start noticing slight improvements in the number of frames per second as well. So enable that before you start shooting zombies at max fps.

2. Force the GPU to work harder!

GPU Rendering to improve gaming
This is also an option under your developer options, where you can enable force GPU rendering. This makes the GPU handle some animations and CPU handles some other ones. Essentially, both CPU and GPU are intelligently sharing processing loads here, so this should keep your game running smoothly and your phone should remain cooler for longer.

Notice that I said SHOULD. Though this is a very capable setting option and can really improve your gameplay in most cases. But I don’t recommend you leaving GPU rendering on all the time because it sometimes causes some apps such as photo editors to crash.

Is your phone slowing down? Let me tell you how you can speed it up!

3. Disable overlays on your hardware
At around the same options, you can find a setting called disable hardware overlays. It disables unnecessary overlays that might consume your CPU clock cycles. Disabling this can improve your gaming experience, so try this out.

Call of Duty game

4. Use a “booster”
There are plenty of boosters available that are commonly called game launchers. They just clean out everything in the RAM before launching your game. This sometimes helps the game take a good amount of memory and run better.
This may not be necessary on newer devices with ample amounts of RAM, but if you have an old phone which is running low on active memory, these apps do make quite a big difference.

5. Change the CPU governor (ROOT)

How to get the most out of your gaming experience
 This is only for the pros, the ones who are beyond common users. I’m of course talking about Superusers with Root access on their phones.
Every CPU has a presets called “governors“. Each governor has different effects on the CPU’s operation. Something like the equalizer presets that change the audio with each preset.

Normally, users cannot change the governors on their own. But you, being an almighty superuser, can download simple apps to do the same. I recommend an app called SetCPU. It automatically scans your kernel for available governors and gives you an easy toggle to switch between them. So I suggest you switch to a performance-based governor and reboot your device.

It’s not hard, the governor will be named as PerformanceX or something like that. This might consume slightly more battery life but will surely improve your gaming experience.

Do some or all of these and your gameplay will run smoother than before. Thank me over for my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or you could also drop a comment down below. Let us know what else do you want to see from Mr.Phone.

Also, download the Mr. Phone app from Play Store and stay tuned to our website. Cheers! 

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