How to instantly speed up ANY phone!

How to speed up your phone


Let’s just face it, okay people? There is no such thing as a phone which does not slow down over time. All phones tend to bog down with usage, some wearing out faster than others. But irrespective of whether you have a premium flagship phone or an outdated mid-range device, here are a few simple steps by which you can see noticeable speed improvements.

#1. Reduce system animation scale


This might not come as a surprise to many, in 2017. Most of the android users have become tech-savvy enough to realize the potential that the developer options possesses. If you are still in the dark about it, here is what you do:

Go into Settings->about device and press on the build number 7 times. It will say ‘you are now a developer’.

How to speed up your phone step 1

Now go back and enter into the new option above the About phone, which says developer options. Enable the slider on the top right corner to ON position (required on some ROMs)

Scroll down to Animations, you will see 3 animation scales there. Click on the transition animation, window animation, animation durator and select 0.5x for all of them instead of the default 1x. Or better yet, select off.

You have now reduced/disabled the animation scale of your system. You will notice straight away that apps and menus take up less time to actually show up, without the unnecessarily dramatic animations.

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#2. Clear out the junk


It is normal for any OS, particularly Android, to hold on to a large chunk of data which may or may not be useful again. It is called a cache, which though is meant for good, often does more harm.

How to speed up your phone step 2

Your system constantly caches and stores stuff which it thinks is important. You can clear it out in many ways, using many “cleaners”. One of the easiest ways is to do it from Settings->storage and click on the entry that says ‘cache data’. Once it has been cleared, reboot your phone once. You will notice some improvements in the way which it handles itself after this little housekeeping of yours.


#3. Uninstall crap-apps


This is something which I’m positive that everyone has tried to do when their phone feels to have been slowed down. To see exactly which apps are the heaviest, I recommend using a smart file manager such as ES file explorer. I use the pro version myself, and it’s flipping awesome.

How to speed up your phone step 3

It has this section called apps which lists all the user apps as well as the system apps. You can directly uninstall apps from there, after sorting them according to the size taken. You can do this using the inbuilt app manager of your phone as well if you prefer it.  


#4. Use a custom launcher


One of the luxuries of owning an android phone is that we get to choose which launcher we want to see on our desktop. Unlike iOS, we are not condemned to forever be trapped in a fixed grid of doom! So if you feel that your stock launcher is slow as a slug, simply swap it out for a cleaner one from the play store!

How to speed up your phone step 4

I personally use Nova launcher (PRIME) on all of my smartphone devices. The perfect blend of simplicity and the insane level of customization has gotten me addicted to it. The Google Now launcher is really good too.

The free version of Nova is pretty good on its own. I happened to get mine last year, on a Christmas app sale, for way less than what it is for now in the store. Or you could get the APK like every other android fan out there!

#5. Time to ‘clean’ the closet


If the above steps don’t seem to be doing much to help your slow phone, it might be high time for a clean factory reset. It has the power to fix the most seemingly serious of issues and get your phone back to somewhat of a good shape.

How to speed up your phone step 5

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