How to install Spotify in India without any VPN on Android

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the world’s most preferred music streaming platforms out there. The app, despite heavy competition from Apple Music, manages to stay on top. And well, the company has been teasing its launch in India for a long time now. Well well, looks like the app is finally here. While there still hasn’t been an official word from the company, the app seems to be available for download on Android devices. Oh, and the Indian prices are out as well. Want to try it out on your Android device? Well, read on, as we show you how to install Spotify in India without any VPN on Android.

How to install Spotify in India without any VPN on Android

1. If you head over directly to the Google Play Store, you won’t be able to find Spotify. As such, simply Google search for “Spotify Play Store” on your web browser. Tap on the Play Store link to be redirected to the app. Or, for a more convenient way, simply tap on this link here to be redirected immediately.

2. Next up, download Spotify like any other normal app from the Play Store.

Spotify in India

3. Make sure to create a new account for Spotify now. In case you have an old account created for another country, it will not work here.

Update: In case you want to use an older account created in another country, you’ll have to first change the location for that account. For that process, however, you will need a VPN to change your network to that location, log in to and change your account’s country, and then proceed with the steps below. If that sounds like a hassle, just create a new account altogether. However, do note that you would lose out on all your previous listening history.

4. The app will now show you the option to select your favorite genres, to create playlists for you. The process from here is pretty straight forward. 

5. And that’s it. Your new Spotify account has been created, and you should be able to use it for free.

Note: The following method is confirmed to work only on Android devices. We will update this article once a method for iOS devices is found.

How to get Spotify Premium in India

Now, although Spotify is working in India, do note that this is a free account. You can also buy a Premium subscription for Spotify. In fact, Spotify is offering plenty of plans for its premium membership, that you can check out below:

  • Rs. 13 per day
  • Rs. 39 for seven days
  • Rs. 129 for one month
  • Rs. 389 for three months
  • Rs. 719 for six months

However, these are all one-time top-up plans. If you prefer to buy recurring plans, Spotify is offering two plans, either monthly or annually:

  • Rs. 119 per month
  • Rs. 1,189 per year

To get Spotify Premium, simply tap on the Premium button in the bottom tab. There, you will get the option to purchase from the various packs listed above. As for payment options, there’s the standard Credit Card. However, to make the process easier for Indian users, Spotify has also added Paytm and UPI payment methods.

Install Spotify in India for free without VPN

As you can see, Spotify has made its soft launch in India. Considering its prices, it is almost neck to neck with Apple Music, with a difference of barely a rupee in the monthly plan. While the music library remains to be a question, it is nice to know that one of the world’s biggest music streaming service is finally here. You can see that I’ve already bought a Premium membership for myself. But what about you? Let us know if you’ll be getting one too in the comments below. Also, make sure to sound off your queries, if any, down there as well.

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