How to import your WhatsApp Chats/Groups to Telegram


Telegram has rolled out a fresh update, which lets you transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram using Facebook-owned messaging platform’s ‘Export Chat’ feature. If you’re wondering how a WhatsApp feature allows users to transfer their chats to another third party messaging platform, we have got you covered.

Firstly, this feature was spotted by folks at 9to5Mac, and this feature is currently available for iOS users. Also, this feature is not officially announced yet and it appears Telegram is still working on it. To show you how precisely it works, we have created a ‘How-to’ on it. Telegram further indicates that this new import chat further supports other messaging platforms like Line and KakaoTalk.

The process here is fairly simple; there are three primary requirements to try out this feature. Users should be on their latest WhatsApp and Telegram versions of the respective apps. To do that head over to the App Store and update them right away, if you haven’t already. Since Telegram has rolled out this new update the latest version of it is 7.4.1. And, lastly, the feature doesn’t work if the selected user is on WhatsApp and not using Telegram. The steps following should suffice how the new feature works

How to import WhatsApp Chats/Groups to Telegram

  • Open WhatsApp on an iOS device and head over to the respective chat or a group, which you are willing to transfer as is, which can include, media, texts, gifs, and documents as well.


  • Go to the respective chat/group’s more ‘menu’ where you find his/hers’ profile and other essential features. Scroll down to the bottom, wherein you can find the ‘Export Chat’ option.
  • Before digging in further, this feature has been incorporated by WhatsApp, long ago, and it is primarily utilised to store chats in other means like your phone’s files storage or any other cloud services. Once you click ‘export chat’, WhatsApp creates a “ZIP” file of all the chat including media, text, docs, gifs and so on.


  • Coming back to importing, after hitting the ‘Export Chat’ on WhatsApp, iOS users will find a share screen where you can share the chat ‘ZIP’ file to Telegram by hitting on the ‘Telegram’ icon.
  • This further opens up the Telegram app and asks users to select the respective contact on Telegram. After selecting, the whole chat from the ‘ZIP’ file gets imported to your Telegram app. You can see all the texts, images, docs, gifs, as is on Telegram.


  • For groups, there’s a caveat though, while the group and its content get imported quite swiftly, the group members, however, are not being added at this moment. Users would have to manually add the respective contacts/members individually, which is a bummer if you have members in two/three-digit figures. This can likely get fixed in the official release, which could be sooner, given the ongoing confusions with the WhatsApp Privacy Policy.


  • After the export process is done, users can find all the imported WhatsApp chats and groups on Telegram as is along with all texts, media and docs. Further, users will be able to identify which message or media on respective Telegram chat is imported, as the messaging platform denotes imported time and date on the respective message/media, which is convenient.


As aforementioned, this new feature is not officially announced by the messaging platform yet and is also available for iOS users only. WhatsApp had recently announced new privacy policy changes with a deadline, which led to an outrage and immense confusion amongst users about their data being shared to the parent company, Facebook. WhatsApp had later extended the deadline (three months) and had also insisted that users’ chats remain private and will not be shared with Facebook (this clarification was enormously put on mainstream publications’ newspaper ads as well).

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The confusion or we can say cautiousness of people around the globe has led them to look for alternatives other than Facebook platforms. The prominent viable options first came across to them were Telegram and Signal, both of which have seen a huge surge in their respective user base. For example, Telegram gained 25 million users in a mere 72 hours, which is huge and indicates consumers’ cautiousness for their privacy, which is a good thing, nonetheless.

This further led Telegram to introduce more cool new features and this new importing chats from Facebook-owned messaging platform, WhatsApp, the feature appears to be a huge leap for Telegram, to increase more of its consumer base.

So, what do you think of this new importing chats feature? Did you find these ‘how-to’ steps feature helpful? Are you willing to try it? Do let us know in the comments!


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