How to correctly use a power bank?

Are you constantly running out of battery on your device? One of the best solutions is using a power bank to quickly refill your battery without needing to stop and wait when you finally find a power outlet.

While power banks seem like the best way to charge up your device they have to be used properly to avoid damaging your device and the gadget itself as well.

The steps required to use a power bank are simple.

To charge the power bank, connect it to any power outlet via a USB cord. Most power banks have a light to indicate that it is fully charged, you can then unplug it and it will retain this charge. After this, you can connect whatever device you need to charge via a USB cord and they will show a charging signal.

Many power banks can switch on without the user needing to press their dedicated power button as soon as they are plugged into another device. If not, switching them on once plugged into the device you want to charge is required.

Xiaomi introduced a new power bank in the market, do you know about it?

Smartphone batteries have a specific input power when charging. The same goes for most power banks which have their own output power rating. This leads to the problem of the device not able to support the high output power or even the power bank having so low of an output that they do not charge close to quick enough which is exactly what you don’t want it to do.

If the power is not suited for your device then using it is reducing the longevity of your cell. Therefore, my first tip is to buy a power bank with an appropriate power output or a newer one that has the technology to change the output power depending on the device. 

Power bank

The same applies to the power bank itself, using a higher voltage than specified to charge it can also damage it’s own battery and the whole relevance of the power bank is erased. 

Temperature is also a great factor when it comes to using a power bank. Would you use your phone in excessively hot or cold temperatures? So why use your power bank in the same conditions? The internal components of the power bank are also damaged when used in unsuitable conditions which means correct usage must be undertaken in suitable conditions as specified by the manufacturer.

Another issue is power banks are regularly undercharged and used until the battery is fully depleted. This is a common error that jeopardizes the longevity of the battery since the charging process is not fully completed and the available battery is used fully used up. Basically, don’t unplug your power bank before it is fully charged and try not to wipe out the battery from the power bank.

It is also important to note that you should never charge your power bank and phone together while they are connected.

power bank

One of the most important factors linked to the longevity of power banks is a lack of regular usage. Leaving your power bank unused is going to have a toll on its overall performance and the last thing you need is a faulty power bank when you need it most. Maintaining its battery life extends it’s service life and reliability as it is ready for any time you may need it.

Using such a device is not a difficult endeavor but if you do not pay close attention or treat the device wrongly, as unintentional as it may be, you can easily be reducing your chances of keeping your device battery topped up whenever it is necessary.

Are you using a power bank too? Do you know someone who could use this advice? Share this article with someone and let us know your views in the comments section below!

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