How the new Android One devices could change the budget sector for the better.

Android One

Back in September 2014, Google released it’s then-new Android One Platform with the aim to provide a secure, stock software to lower specced devices in the budget sector.

However, not until recently have they gained much attention as they have been introduced into the higher budget sector courtesy of the highly rated Xiaomi A1 and the Moto X4 that now not only provide high specs for the sector but also a pure android experience that completely changes the view many had on Android One devices of the past.

Could Android One pave the way for better future budget smartphones?

While the budget sector is already moving forward in a very positive direction with more durable and attractive designs, better hardware and generally better usability, they have not yet reached a point where we can fairly compare them with a top of the range or upper mid-range device due to the many software niggles or seemingly unnecessary omission of specific features that always leave us wanting more, we are in the end satisfied when we remember how much the device did cost.

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However with the clean, uninterrupted software that the Android One devices bring to the table we can expect more and more from the manufacturers who have for too long, not provided any more than a satisfactory software experience with strongly outdated software and security patches that provide less security to the user and put the manufacturers in a situation where they have failed to satisfy the need for newer software and will lose out to other competitors who can provide these.

Android One

In conclusion

As budget smartphones get better and better, the days of not being able to update the devices as the hardware requirements are too high, or manufacturers not being able to update the drivers for their hardware should be coming to an end. With Android One finally making an appearance as more than just an excuse to provide pure android on cheap, weak devices, it has finally established itself as a new reason for the budget sector to improve even more.

With better software and highly capable hardware that we already see coming through in the sector, the devices become more attractive and raise the bar for what flagships must provide.

What do you think about Android One? Did we cover everything? Let us know and keep following The Mr. Phone for more!

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