How much do world’s top tech companies in Silicon Valley make per employee?

World’s top tech companies are one of the most successful ones in generating revenues due to focus on years of innovation and their employees’ talent in research and development. Especially the companies based in the world’s tech capital, the “Silicon Valley” are known for being highly profitable. According to the S&P 500 index (Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes) here are the top tech companies that earn the highest and the lowest revenue per employee.

   1. Apple: $1.9 million

Apple headquarters

Undoubtedly one of the most successful and valuable companies in the world -Apple, where many software engineers loath to work, makes the most money per employee. For each of its 1,16,000 employees, Apple makes $1.9 million (Rs. 12.3 crores). With the company’s successful branding, this is the highest a company makes per employee. Sounds grand, doesn’t it?

2. Facebook: $1.6 million

FaceBook Headquarters

 Facebook, which recently completed its base of over a couple of billion users has been successful in making people addicted to their phones. It’s the first thing people do when they wake up and the last thing before they sleep. With a not so large employee workforce at a mere 20,000, Facebook earns $1.6 million (Rs. 10.4 crores) for each one of them in revenue. Don’t we want to get in?

3. Alphabet: $1.3 million

Alphabet - parent company of Google

The parent company of Google, Alphabet, is a newborn company and was created in 2015 by Google’s ex-founders. But it’s still third on the list of the companies with a workforce of 70,000 employees and has been increasing its headcount year by year. Alphabet makes $1.3 million (Rs. 8.5 crores) per employee and we are impressed!

4. Verisign: $1.2 million

Verisign Headquarters

Verisign has the least number of employees than the other big companies on this list but they’ve been far more profitable than the most of them. It has only 1,019 employees and they’ve been gaining revenues from its domain level registration services, SSL certificates, managed DNS, DDoS attack mitigation and cyber-threat reporting services. It all ends up in the company earning an amazing $1.2 million (6.49 crores) per employee.

5. Broadcom: $843,000

Broadcom Headquarters

A networking company, Broadcom which has 15,700 employees was founded in 1991. It makes $843,000 (Rs. 5.39 crores) per employee. Are you thinking what we are?

6. Lam Research: $785,000

LAM research headquarters

Lam Research might be one of the least known companies but it earns fairly well when it comes to revenue per employee. It produces semiconductor processing equipment that’s used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. With its workforce of 9,100 employees, it makes $785,000 (Rs. 5.1 crore)in revenue per employee!  

7. Qualcomm: $772,000

Qualcomm Headquarters

Qualcomm which is a Broadcom company primarily focuses on multinational semiconductor and telecommunications. It makes a staggering $772,000 (Rs. 5.02 crores) in revenue for each of its 33,500 employees.

8. Microsoft: $748,000

Microsoft Headquarters

Back in the day, it was one of the biggest software companies in terms of revenue and was a serious competitor to the tech giant Apple. It has the most number of employees than anyone on the list with 1,24,000 employees and it makes a respectable $748,000 (Rs. 4.8 crores) per employee. So, that’s how these big techies degrade?

Are you as shocked as we are? If not, then you should definitely read the numbers again! Keep following The Mr. Phone for more mind-boggling news!

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