3.5mm Headphone Jack – Should it really be removed?

Headphone jack

    We have been seeing the headphone jack disappear from our phones for quite a while now. The most significant of those is the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Since then, it has caused a lot of debate about whether we really need it. Let us take a more detailed look.

    Why is the jack removed?

    To Save Space

    The headphone jack is removed by many companies, presumably to save space. This might make sense, but I don’t find a reason for it. There were successful attempts of adding a headphone jack to the iPhone 7. It took a lot of work, but that is because it is post-production.

    If it was during production, before sealing the phone, it would be much more possible and easy to do. Lack of space is an issue, as we saw with the Note 7 from last year. However, the headphone jack is not the thing to remove. There are other things that can be removed, and the battery could be made smaller.

iPhone 7 without headphone jack

    Last year, Apple did away with the headphone jack in favor of a larger Taptic Engine. Since then, we have seen many other companies get rid of it this year. The highlights of which are Huawei with it’s Mate 10 Pro, Xiaomi with it’s Mi Mix 2, Google with their Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, as well as HTC with its U11.

    For Waterproofing

    There is no doubt that a phone with fewer ports is harder to waterproof. However, this does not mean it is impossible. The likes of the Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 retain the headphone jack and have better waterproofing ratings than the iPhone 7.

    This would be excused on less expensive phones. That is when the company wants to achieve something but wants to keep a phone within a certain price range. This is when waterproofing can be used as a reason for omitting an essential port.

    It’s getting old

    This is an obvious one. The headphone jack has been around for decades now. However, just because it is old, does not mean we do not need it. It was only until the last couple of years that all mainstream cars have 3.5mm audio jacks. This really is not the time to get rid of it.

    Most of us still use the 3.5mm headphone jack on a daily basis, I included. I think that it is an essential piece of kit that every phone must have. This is coming from a person that loves accessories for their phone, some of which require the use of this port. Even for those that do not use it every day, we can all agree that it is nice to have it when you need it, and not need a dongle.

Headphone Jack

    To move to a wireless world

    Going wireless is obviously the future of technology. However, it is the FUTURE, and forcing us to move to it is not a good move. Wireless headphones are widely available, with prices ranging from $5 all the way up to thousands.

    Typically, Bluetooth headphones have great audio quality and can offer huge surround sound capabilities when compared to their wired counterparts. However, sometimes, you just want to plug your headphones in and listen to music, without having to deal with pairing them or keeping them charged. Bluetooth has evolved greatly, but it is not ready to replace our wires yet.

    Why do we want the headphone jack then?

    We still love our headphone jacks. They are simple and convenient to use, and their accessories are cheap to buy and maintain. We all know that the companies that removed it will not bring it back, and more companies will follow suit sooner than later. However, in the meantime, let us enjoy our headphone jacks while we have them.

Even the coming flagship phone, OnePlus 5T is going to continue with the headphone jack!

    Do you use your headphone jack a lot? Do you think it should be removed? Make sure to tell me in the comments below, I would love to see what you got to say!                   



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