Google’s Museum app finds you a fine art doppelganger

Google never ceases to amaze us. With its deep investment into AI and continuous improvement to the Google Deep Mind initiative, the application possibilities have become unparalleled. This time, Google has launched a new app called Museum that maps your face and uses AI to find out a fine art look alike. Yes, there have been many small apps on Facebook that have done the same in the past, but when it comes from Google, the credibility stands for the brand reputation of the mighty Google. Read more to find out.


For some, it’s funny and for some, it is an insult. If you’ve ever had an experience at an art gallery, where someone finds a resemblance to a portrait then you know what I’m talking about. There is an uncanny feeling about being resembled in the same way. Well, to make matters better or worse, there’s an app for that.

Google’s Arts and cultures latest update let you take selfies and the image recognition searches through its millions of art gallery pictures and provides you with a twin look alike along with a percentage of resemblance. You can also share it on social media if you want.

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Museum app by Google

The app is not perfect though. There are instances where a lady is matched with an old man’s portrait having moustaches. It is definitely embarrassing for some.

But then as we know, AI is evolving at lightning pace. This is just another astonishing feat achieved by the Google’s Deep Mind and it will just keep getting better.

Will you use the Museum app? Let us know about your doppelganger in the comments sections below.

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