Google removes Zooper apps from Playstore

Zooper app removed from Play Store

For the tech savvy`s out there who, like the undersigned, love to delve and dig deep in the Android`s UI every now and again, enjoying the benefits of customization, will surely have heard and utilized Zooper apps at some point.

Zooper apps have been with us for some time now, enabling us to download various widgets and thus assisting to change one`s smartphone homepage, background, and icons.

These varied from clocks, to weather widgets, some enabling you to write phrases or attach a pic. All this to add that personal touch to your daily driver.

Zooper apps had that extra edge to freshen up your phone whenever there was the need.

Do you know how to operate the Google AR Stickers? Click here to read in detail.

However, it seems that the developer didn`t pursue with these apps. We didn`t see any updates for a long time now, and it also started showing in the apps, with options that were quite passe.

The main Zooper listing had more than 1 million downloads at the time of its removal, and the Pro upgrade had over 100,000 users who paid $2.99 for it. That means a lot of annoyed users now that the apps are gone. The listings no longer load, simply returning a “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server” error.

Zooper widget

As per Google`s last update to its rules, apps which are not updated for a long stretch will face the exit from its Play store, and alas, that`s just what happened with the Zooper and Zooper Pro apps.

One can`t blame Google though, as for the Zooper apps in question, it`s been three long years since we didn`t see any updates, and in tech terms, that`s an eternity.

Now I can hear some of you saying “huh, big deal, there are plenty of valid alternatives out there all with their own fancy widgets”…..okay yes sure, and in fact, I would recommend KGWT as a strong replacement.

You can download KGWT from here!

However, some of us will miss the Zooper way, those apps had a particular touch. Oh well, so long Zooper apps you two, it`s been fun.

Note to developers, inventors and makers of apps that make the Playstore`s wheel go round, please do take care of your creations, keep them updated and fresh, and most importantly, keep the good work coming! Let the Zooper case serve us as a lesson going forward because remember, Google is watching.

Will you miss this app? Were you using them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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