Google promotes Dark Mode on Android, urges developers to use it to preserve battery life

Wait, what? Did I just say that Google is promoting Dark Mode? Well, in one of the most ironic news of the week, it turns out that this is actually true. During this week’s Android Dev Summit, Google told those developers attending that adding a Dark Mode to their apps will result in extreme battery life savings.

Why Dark Mode on AMOLED is good

For those of you unaware, using a Dark Mode actually preserves battery on AMOLED displays. This is because these displays do not require the use of a backlight, unlike LCD panels. On an AMOLED display, a black color makes sure that none of the red, green or blue pixels are turned on. While conserving battery, the dark mode on AMOLED displays also ensures that the contrast is sharper. It is worth pointing out that dark mode has no difference on an LCD display, however.

Numbers don’t lie

During the summit, Google showcased a couple of charts depicting the average battery that Dark Mode saves. According to their data, YouTube in Dark Mode consumes 14% less battery life than when the app is in normal mode. This is while being at 50% screen brightness. On 100% brightness, the battery consumes 60% less battery power using Dark Mode.

And those weren’t the only figures Google showed. Another slide showed that in regular mode, a screenshot of Google Maps at maximum brightness consumes 250mA of battery power on an AMOLED screened Pixel handset, compared to 230mA of battery power used on an LCD-screened Apple iPhone 7. However, things took a different turn in Dark Mode. While making use of a Dark Mode, the battery consumption on the Pixel drops 63% to 92mA.

Google to be blamed

While Google’s promotion of the Dark Mode does sound appealing, it is also worth noting that Google is responsible for initially creating the mess. The user community has been crying out loud for a dark mode for years now. Instead, Google has been pushing out colors and making everything white for all their apps and even Android’s SystemUI. That being said, Google may have finally answered to everyone’s pleas.

Google recently rolled out a dark mode for YouTube. There’s also a dedicated way to switch to a dark UI on Android 9 Pie. Also, a dark theme had recently been leaked for the Google Dialer. With more and more system apps taking charge, it won’t be long that third-party app developers also follow.

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