Google Pixel 2 dethrones the iPhone 8 Plus and Note 8 on DxOMark

Google Pixel DxOMark Score

A few weeks ago, DxOMark released the rating for iPhone 8 Plus as an industry-leading number of 94. And less than a day ago, the iPhone 8 was tied up with the Note 8 for the top spot. Don’t worry, not anymore. The Google Pixel 2 which was announced a few hours earlier has broken all records of DxOMark rating with a score that seems almost impossible to read. Yes, the Google Pixel 2 has scored a 98 on DxOMark rating. And yes, it certainly blew my mind.

blow my mind

Read how the new iPhones fared on DxOMark Camera Score

Read how the Note 8 fared on DxOMark Camera Score

Take a minute to digest, because if you do not know Google hasn’t given in the hype surrounding the dual camera lenses and stayed minimal by adding in premium hardware and improving the software which processes data from the camera sensor.

And if you know about the DxOMark sub-categories, you should know that despite scoring lower in zoom and bokeh, wherein a dual-camera setup performs well(thus iPhone 8 Plus and Note 8), the Google Pixel 2 performs way better in all of the other areas. Despite taking the top spot, it is also one of the phones, which has leapfrogged its predecessor by a margin of 8 (Google Pixel being last year’s top scorer at 90) which in itself is a high feat for a company and as seen for a device.

Here are some of the key specifications that you’ll find for its camera sourced from DxO’s website.

  • 1/2.6-inch 12MP primary sensor
  • f/1.8 aperture
  • Dual-Pixel Autofocus
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • HDR+ technology
  • New Portrait Mode software solution

Let’s look at the comprehensive sub-scores from the DxOMark tests and how Google Pixel 2 has performed in all these tests.


DxOMark Pixel 2 Score

Before ending, I want to ask everyone who is reading this, do you consider Qualitative tests by these companies as a metric while buying your phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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