Google Pixel 4 to come with proper Face Unlock and Motion Sense

One of the most anticipated flagships of the year has to be the Google Pixel 4. And as is the case with pretty much every flagship out there, the leaks for the same are already pouring in. However, it seems like Google is pretty much tired of it and has taken things into its own hands. The company has published a blog post and video showing off the upcoming phone’s facial recognition tech, as well as gesture controls. So let’s take a look at what the Pixel 4 is all about.

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Google Pixel 4 Project Soli

The Google Pixel 4 is said to come with Project Soli’s radar-based motion sensors. It will offer explicit gesture support for actions like skipping songs, snoozing alarms, and silencing phone calls. It will also go by the name “Motion Sense” according to text included in Google’s video. Lastly, it seems like it won’t be available in all countries that get the phone.

Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock

Google also shared an image of the Face Unlock tech it hides in the top bezel, highlighting just how dedicated it is. It pairs a “Dot Projector” along with an infrared flood illuminator and two IR Cameras. The two IR cameras separated by a distance should allow for easy parallax-based depth information to be gathered. The system makes use of Soli once again allowing you to turn on the device as you try and reach for it. It will also be used as a biometric authentication method. What’s more, is that the face unlock will work all the time, regardless of the screen’s orientation. And what makes it so secure is that all your face data will only be stored on the Titan-M chip inside the device. 

Single Selfie Camera

Another slight takeaway from all this is that the renders only show a single front-facing camera. As of now, it is not clear whether this would be a standard front-facing camera or a wide-angle lens. However, Google has been working on correction for distortion in faces on wide-angle photos. As such, it is possible that the device might come with a wide lens coupled with software optimizations for standard selfies. We will have to wait for the official launch of the device, so make sure to stay tuned to Mr. Phone to get notified of all the buzz in the smartphone world.


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