Google Pixel 3 XL to feature two front cameras and ‘Super Selfies’

Google’s Pixel 2 made a name for itself because of the coveted camera performance of its single shooters. It is still the gold standard for many when it comes to optics and photography. With such a high bar, it is natural to expect at least the same levels if not better from the Pixel 3 XL. Thankfully, there’s a dearth of info surrounding the Pixel 3 Xl due to the frenzy of leaks that have flooded the blogosphere in the past week. In fact, we covered an unboxing and review of a unit yesterday coming all the way from Russia.

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The latest report from 9to5Google is that a dual camera setup will be introduced starting with the Pixel 3 XL this year. There’s also something called Super Selfies that Google is working upon for the new Pixel line. This feature will apparently make use of a wide angle lens and give birth to an “improved Portrait Mode” says the report. Moreover, the same hardware will be used to improve facial scanning on the device.

The other interesting part is about an upgraded Visual Core chip. Info regarding this is scarce at the moment, but its benefits will now extend to more than just the HDR+ mode. As for the dual camera, we did miss this yesterday. However, now that we reverted back to the images, it does seem that there are two cameras in the housed in the notch. The reviewer didn’t quite describe any specifications nor did he allude to the front camera setup.

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The verdict of the reviewer on the prototype unit wasn’t very promising, but this is a prototype we’re talking about. The launch is in October and by then Google’s algorithms might change the game in the final versions of the device.


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